My life as an entrepreneur is completed for now. I have had quite a few ventures and have loved them all.

My life as an entrepreneur has included numerous ventures in the fields of FOOD & HEALING | ART & DESIGN | BIZ MARKETING

For me, becoming an entrepreneur has involved a consistent, definable, fairly reliable although spontaneous entrepreneurial process. As a result, I have had numerous enterprises. These are the results of my journey.

EAT FREE Flyer from an entrepreneurial journey
The Original ‘EAT FREE’ Flyer from around 1987 © Alison D. Gilbert
• Created Allergy-free Recipes
• Invented and sold Allergy-free Product
• Engaged in Healthy Food Education
• Taught Healthy Eating and Cooking Classes
• Lectured and wrote about healthy eating






Pansy represents healing on an entrepreneurial journey
Pansy Flower Represents Strength & Healing
• Advocated for Holistic Healing Systems
• Taught about Holistic Healing Systems
• Representated Holistic Practitioner
• Researched and Wrote About Holistic Healing




Alison*s Art Logo

• ‘Recycled with Love’ Collectables, Little Bytes of Art
and Wearable & Shareable Art
• The Five Step Decorative Painting System
• The Five Step Decorative Painting Manual
• Illustration and Painting




Marketing Bytes logo from an entrepreneurial journey
Marketing Bytes logo
• Logo Design and Branding
• Graphics to Digital Design
• Website and social media page design
• Social Media Marketing & Blog Writing
• Music Publicity and Public Relations
• Cultural Research and Writing




My love affair with dandelions
The subtitle of this website is ‘AN ENTREPRENEUR’S VENTURES CAN COME TO AN END, BUT THE CREATIVE SPIRIT NEVER DIES’. My current activities are proof of that:
Researcher Writer
Cultural and Food Historian
Music Publicist
Gardener/Herbalist in training
• Member of The Former Middle Class
Senior Suburban Survivalist




How To Live To Be 100+

Each endeavour I have embarked on has begun with a passion. Whatever the destination has been, there is another guiding principle that I have always attempted to have as a key ingredient in whatever my path has been. In addition to causing no harm, I seek to ‘Live to Be 100+. The video below explains what this means.

I love this video. It illustrates how weaving ‘Cause No Harm’ and ‘Ikigai’, create a powerful and flexible life purpose like a willow tree that bends with the breeze. These two principles are the bookend which I hope will hold my story should it ever be written.