Mastering Credit Cards For Survival & Profit

Mastering Credit Cards for Survival & Profit is set of tools I have been using to build a foundation for financial recovery from the not-so-great depression of 2008. It is also the name of my latest eBook on What can you do to become credit wise? This page details some very practical suggestions.

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MASTERING CREDIT CARDS For Survival & Profit, my latest eBook

The Financial Survival Toolkit and Support System

In addition to gathering a financial survival toolkit by reading The Poor Middle Class Crisis eBook, this new eBook goes into deeper detail about how everyone who is part of The Former Middle Class needs to be part of a support system. It might be talking with friends, belonging to a formal group or part of a community. There are very many of us. We may look financially secure. There may be nothing that signals our plight. But all of us who share this experience need help dealing with it. Mastering credit cards has suggested steps for support and education. They are discussed next.



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This ebook is available on, is very reasonable priced and is an invaluable investment. Did you know that credit is not longer a luxury? It is a necessity. That is why it is essential to know about it. Towards that goal, this online publication is filled with so much great credit advice and so many helpful tips that it can be useful for everyone.

Join these Facebook groups

I have started several groups for support and survival assistance, to help build your credit as well as exchange information and resources.

Learn These Tips

Memorize the following tips for mastering credit cards. If you don’t memorize them, keep this list close at hand. Put it where your credit cards are. It is invaluable.

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The List of Tips for Mastering Credit Cards for Survival & Profit, an synopsis of the eBook by the same name
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