Welcome, seekers of practical living resources. The purpose of this website is to provide a Directory of Practical and Creative Use of Locally and/ or Internet Available Products and Services. It is built upon the foundation of the site categories, my blog, my eBooks, my past professions, my current activities. The resource categories are the specific fruits of my labor over many years. Each category provides practical and creative resources. This bounty is based on continuing research within each category, FINANCIAL SURVIVAL | FOOD & HEALING | ART & DESIGN | SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING.

A Directory of Resources
The sections of this website are my blog posts, eBooks I’ve written, past professions, current activities, and finally the section about my story.
This work has been and continues to be develped by me Alison D. Gilbert, Resource Maven, Community Maven and publisher of the online Directory of Resources. My goal is to help provide information and solutions to the needs of others.

The primary resource and ongoing results of this ongoing project is A Directory of Resources with practical living tools. If you would like to list and link your relevant professional information, please follow the instructions below this illustration of the online Directory of Resources.

Instructions for participation:
1. Please email us at with a link to your website so we can determine if your services and/or products are within the guidelines of the Directory.Even if you do not see your category listed in the current directory, we will be continually expanding. Therefore, a current presence does not determine if you will or will not qualify.

Education and food for thought through blog posts
practical living resources
The header for the website and writing of Alison D. Gilbert.
Tools for survival through Financial Survival eBooks available on Amazon Kindle
practical living resources
eBooks by Alison D. Gilbert on Financial Survival through the responsible use of credit cards
Details about past professions in art & design | food & healing | social media marketing | survival & finance.

My past professions in art & design | food & healing | social media marketing | survival & finance
Entertainment and creative inspiration through examples of current activities. The entertainment section includes current activities that are past professions turned into hobbies.

A Hannukah Menorah made from painted/decorated reused bottles