Adventurous and Educational Videos

My website would be incomplete without adventurous, educational videos including my personal adventures and professional educational ones.

The Great Giraffe Adventure

My first example of adventurous educational videos is a rare personal treat. It is about my visit to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, our photo safari, and my adventure with two lovable giraffes, mother and daughter, Chuku and Chamoa.

Swarovski Girafes are a wonderful momento but nothing is like the real thing.
Foretelling a Business’s Branding Future

My next example of adventurous, educational videos has historical significance. This is a video that accompanies a blog post about branding. I consider the Dunkin’ Donuts brand to be one of the best in the US today. To find out why to read the blog post and watch this video. The post is part of the Digital Brand Marketing Education project, a non-profit devoted to educating the public in each of the above-mentioned areas through blog posts written by professionals in these fields.

Years before the official rebranding, I wrote this post about Dunkin’


A Decorative Painting Demonstration