My entrepreneurial life spanned three decades. During that time, I developed numerous business ventures driven by my passion. As a matter of fact, I loved being an entrepreneur.

Being an entrepreneur has included ventures in the areas of ART & DESIGN, FOOD & HEALING, SOCIAL MEDIA & SOCIAL ISSUES

In the beginning, a consistent, definable and reliable process began to grow. It quietly guided me like a spontaneous flow. After one or two ventures, a pattern clearly emerged manifesting future ventures from the spirit of a seed of an idea. The flowerings of each seed, my entrepreneurial ventures, are detailed below.

EAT FREE Flyer from an entrepreneurial journey
The Original ‘EAT FREE’ Flyer from around 1987 © Alison D. Gilbert
• Created Allergy-free Recipes
• Invented and sold allergy-free muffin product
• Engaged in Healthy Food Education
• Taught Healthy Eating and Cooking Classes
• Lectured and wrote about Healthy Eating






Pansy represents healing on an entrepreneurial journey
Pansy Flower Represents Strength & Healing
• Advocated for Holistic Healing Systems
• Taught about Holistic Healing Systems
• Representated Holistic Practitioners
• Researched and Wrote About Holistic Healing




Alison*s Art Logo
• ‘Recycled with Love’ Collectables, Little Bytes of Art
and Wearable & Shareable Art
• The Five Step Decorative Painting System
• The Five Step Decorative Painting Manual
• Illustration and Painting




Marketing Bytes logo from an entrepreneurial journey
Marketing Bytes logo
• Logo Design and Branding
• Graphics to Digital Design
• Website and social media page design
• Social Media Marketing & Blog Writing
• Music Publicity and Public Relations
• Cultural Research and Writing




Alison D. Gilbert, photo by Phil Jacobs ©
The subtitle of this website is ‘AN ENTREPRENEUR’S VENTURES CAN COME TO AN END, BUT THE CREATIVE SPIRIT NEVER DIES.’. My current activities prove this. I express my passion through research and writing. Some have become Facebook pages. Many are blog post topics:
Researcher Writer
Cultural and Food Historian
Music Publicist
Gardener/Herbalist in training
The Former Middle Class member
Senior Suburban Survivalist


How To Live To Be 100+

With each of my activities as an entrepreneur, I’ve incorporated guiding principles into them. In addition to ‘causing no harm’, I have sought lifestyles that will allow me to ‘Live to Be 100+’. To better explain this, I have included the video below.

I love this video. It illustrates how weaving ‘Cause No Harm’ and ‘Ikigai’, create a powerful fabric and flexible life purpose. In other words, they are like a willow tree that bends with the breeze. In addition, these two principles are the warp and the woof of my story.