My business ventures as an entrepreneur spanned decades. During that time, I developed numerous enterprises. In fact, they were driven by my passion rather than financial gain. As a matter of fact, I loved being an entrepreneur. Therefore, I wanted to have an archive of my life of entrepreneurial ventures.

Being an entrepreneur has included ventures in the areas of ART & DESIGN, FOOD & HEALING, SOCIAL MEDIA & SOCIAL ISSUES

From the beginning, an intuitive process guided me. It was like a spontaneous flow. After one or two ventures, a pattern clearly emerged. Actually, it manifested in each of the ventures. Like watering a seed to grow, each knew just what to do. In tribute, the flowerings of each venture are briefly described here.

I wrote several blog posts describing my process and journey. The links are here so you can learn more about them. In addition, many of my ventures have Facebook pages. Some links are here, too.
(manual or Facebook page link to come)
(manual or Facebook page link to come)

Bird’s eye maple table with colorful legs. © Decorative Painting by Alison Gilbert
• ‘Recycled with Love’ Collectables
• Little Bytes of Art and Wearable & Shareable Art
• The Five-Step Decorative Painting System
• The Five-Step Decorative Painting Manual
• Illustration and Painting

You can learn more about Decorative Art & Design on the related Facebook page links on the RESOURCES PAGE.







The Original ‘EAT FREE’ Flyer from around 1987 © Alison D. Gilbert
• Created Allergy-free Recipes
• Invented and sold allergy-free muffin product
• Engaged in Healthy Food Education
• Taught Healthy Eating and Cooking Classes
• Lectured and wrote about Healthy Eating

You can learn more about EAT FREE on the Alison’s Health Food and Drink Facebook Page Link and the Facebook Food Independence Group link.







The pansy, a most powerful healing flower

• Advocated for Holistic Healing Systems
• Taught about Holistic Healing Systems
• Represented Holistic Practitioners
• Researched and Wrote About Holistic Healing

You can learn more at the Alison’s Wise Woman Herbal Rememdy Cabinet and interact on the Wise Woman Herbal Remedy Cabinet Facebook Group







A Very Popular Marketing Bytes Promotional Product, A Slinkie!
• Logo Design and Branding
• Graphics to Digital Design
• Website and social media page design
• Social Media Marketing & Blog Writing
• Music Publicity and Public Relations
• Cultural Research and Writing

You can learn more about Social Media Marketing for Business at this corresponding Facebook Page Link.