Two greeting cards illustrated for Family Line Cards
Two greeting cards illustrated for Family Line Cards

One day many decades ago, I said to myself, ‘Why buy mass-produced greeting cards? I can make original greeting cards’. That was the beginning of an idea. When I realized I could make cards, I figured out how to sell my original greeting cards, too. How would I go about this?

I signed up for a course at the Parsons School of Design. The course material itself was outdated. But we were given a pass to the New York Gifts & Greeting Card Show. That was when it was still at the New York Coliseum. I brought my design portfolio with me and went around to numerous greeting card booths.

On that very first day, I sold my first greeting card to a lovely company called Family Line based in Chicago. They made unique cards and classy wrapping paper. I also sold them one additional card.

The two original cards are pictured here. That was back in the 1980s before the NY Coliseum was torn down and the gigantic Jacobs Javits Center replaced it. I actually found my cards for sale in a small boutique style card shop in New York City. It was one of my 15 minutes of fame.

Once again a passion has been given new life. Visit this blog post link to see what I am doing just for fun now.