Holistic Healing Protagonist


HOLISTIC HEALING: Promotion of Practitioners, Education, Advocacy

Pansy represents healing, courage, strength

Since I was a young adult, holistic healing modalities have been my preferred methods of medical treatment even though I was brought up on Western medicine. To this day, I follow the principle that I was taught by my healthy eating and living well mentor, Annemarie Colbin. Her saying became my guideline. It applied to non-acute and non-emergency situations. ‘Do the least invasive thing first and the most invasive thing last’.





Journey To A Profession
Holistic healing system modalities fascinated me. Each time I discovered a new healing technique, I wanted the world to know. Over time, this passion evolved into a unique professional trilogy:
• Promotion of Holistic Healing Practitioners
• Education About the System of Holistic Healing Modalities
• Advocacy for Holistic Healing As A Viable Healing System