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Social Media and Business Marketing

The need for client business marketing led to providing social media marketing. My passion for social media combined with traditional marketing savvy was a good mix for my clients’ needs for social media marketing. Because of my own skills and my clients’ needs, I skyrocketed smoothly to another profession.

I had a hungry audience. It was clear that the transition in marketing technology made it essential for all business to know who their audience
was and how to make use of both traditional and social media marketing tools. I was in the right place at the right time.




The Mission for Marketing Bytes

As the owner of a business marketing firm MARKETING BYTES, I provided companies and professionals with business marketing services and products. My mission was to help my clients to grow their businesses, increase their productivity and reach their goals using the most productive tools available.

A Vocation Quickly Became A Business

Businesses in every industry need marketing help. What I could do for them was more than a vocation. It quickly became a business. These are some of the industries and professionals I worked with.
• Elder Law
• Holistic healing and wellness practitioners
• Institutions of higher education
• Insurance agents and mortgage brokers
• Landscaping and home remodeling businesses
• Magazine and book publishers
• Municipalities
• Musicians
• Non-profit organizations
• Professional and service businesses
• Visual artists and crafts artisans

business marketing 'bullseye chart'
The Marketing Bytes ‘Bullseye Chart’ or How to Structure A Business for Maximum Results created by Alison D. Gilbert
The Marketing Bytes, Business Marketing Services and Tools

The services and tools I provided included:
• Creating visual and verbal identities (logo design, print identity materials)
• Selecting and creating products to promote a client’s business (see promotional product below)
• Design Print Graphic materials
• Advertising (create and place print, radio and TV ads)
• Activities to increase reach (writing press releases, networking, etc.)
• Craft Social media marketing campaigns (web design and maintenance, creation and maintenance of social media application)
• Write and publish eNewsletters, eMagazines and Press Releases

Business Marketing promotional product
A Very Popular Marketing Bytes Promotional Product, A Slinkie!
My Social Media Venues That Focus on Business Marketing

Social media is multi-faceted. Each venue has it’s own personality. Viewing a combination of more than one social media venue about the same topic creates a synergy. In other words, this multiplies the companies viewability, increases the company’s reach and opportunities for viewer awareness. The more places a company or topic appear, the greater is opportunity for recognition.

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Visit my social media pages about Business Marketing Services:
Facebook Social Media Business Marketing
Twitter @AlisonDGilbert
Google+ Social Media Marketing Graphic Design
LinkedIn MARKETING BYTES Business Marketing Solutions
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How To Find Marketing Posts on My Blog

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Social media marketing is a fancy way of saying that in the 21st century business marketing aka communication between businesses (B2B) and businesses to consumers (B2C) is now executed through a system of tools referred to as social media.

Social Media Marketing Graphic Design
Social Media Marketing Graphic Design, Google+ Page

Click on this sentence to visit this page on Google+.

You are probably familiar with the best known of the social media tools:
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Instagram
• Google+
• Pinterest
• LinkedIn

And of course:
• Websites
• Blogs
• Online Magazines
• Mobile based communication
• Email, messaging and texting

art & bytesMARKETING BYTES was my venture into this 21st century system of social media business marketing or social media marketing. There are many in-depth, technical means for synthesizing, measuring and analysing the efficacy of these tools. It is a science of its own. These systems measure how well these tools communicate with potential and existing customers. They can manipulate the flow from attraction through purchasing traffic, measure this activity, manage content towards this end, create and determine which keywords work best for positioning a company’s information, increase and determine the reach of electronic communication, generate and cultivate leads, etc.

social media marketing
Business Marketing Solutions was the primary page for Marketing Bytes

To me, it is like rocket science. There are many professionals more capable of using and understanding this technology than I was and still am. But I found my niche when visual tools came back into the picture of the initially, verbally and strictly code based system. Go to the Digital Design page to see what I mean.

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Read about these and other issues in-depth on The ALISON D. GILBERT Social Media Marketing Blog posts.

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The red Charrette van that made overnight deliveries long before the existence of FedEX and all the overnight deliverers.
The Charrette red van that was responsible before overnight delivery long before FedEx, Ups and all the other companies.

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knolling my bracelet collection using color order as an addition system
Knolling my bracelet collection using color order as an addition system

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