Branding and Logo Design are integral to business. Without them, no one would know that a company has something to sell. There might also not be a recognition of the product or service without this. This is something about business that has and never will change. The technology may make it possible and easier to create flashier promotional materials. Logos are already three dimensional. Identification of a business now involves branding not just advertising.

But branding and logo design will always be central to the communication of the essence of a company, service or product. This page is devoted to the graphic design work, logos and branding that I did for both marketing clients and my own enterprises.



IVV Rack Card
IVV Rack Card





In order to make social media less daunting to baby boomers, I came up with the idea of creating ‘characters’ to brand the concept as something more playful and less intimidating. Introducing ‘The Boomer Family’.