Passions and pastimes are part of the stepping stones in the 4 step process towards becoming entrepreneurial ventures. But they can also just be creative fun that is a pastime, a hobby. There are several possible reasons that the 4th step has not occurred or the entrepreneurial process has not manifested from a hobby:
• A passion is something a person has a strong feeling about.
• A hobby is something someone does for fun not for commercial gain.
• There was not a desire to transform a hobby into a commercial enterprise.
• The fourth step may just not have manifested yet.
• The activities may be revivals of past ventures that are being done now, just for fun, a resurrected hobby or a pastime.

These passions and pastimes that are currently hobbies include:

Decorative Art & Crafts Revisited

‘The Button Bottle’ is the result of revisiting the ‘Recycled with Love Collectables’ philosophy and technique.
















Just for the Fun of It

There’s nothing like the seasons and the holidays they bring to inspire the creative spirit. I love Halloween.
This year I have been especially inspired. Here are some of the results of my passions and hobbies.

Halloween Decorative Fun

















The Gilbert-Jacobs Art Museum

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The Gilbert-Jacobs Art Museum logo
The logo for ‘The Gilbert-Jacobs Art Museum’















Indoor Farming

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Indoor Farming, It is possible through a variety of technqiques and systems to grow food indoors all year long
















Soil Is Not A Dirty Word

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Microgreens can be grown in soil or on a soilless mat.