Revisiting Old Friends to Make New Friends

Recently, I began making Recycled with Love Collectables again. But now it is just for fun. Since I had already covered a lot of acreage with painted decoration and had developed a high level of skill, I wanted to try something new.

Here’s my latest project. It is a small one drawer and open storage area part. It’s good, solid wood with dovetailed drawer. Height is about 27″ high, 12″ deep and 18″ wide. It fits perfectly into my kitchen corner nook. So I am creating a usable conversation piece in an otherwise dead corner.

Originally a bedroom night stand being transformed into a kitchen niche piece

Visiting an old friend to make a new friend. Simply decorated with contact paper and Duck Tape®
Revisiting an old friend to make a new friend, drawer detail.




















How It All Started

Go to My Art & Design Creative Passion to learn all about my Decorative Painting enterprise and its many facets.

Bird’s eye maple table with colorful legs. © Decorative Painting by Alison Gilbert






















Collectables Revisited

I had neither the patience nor the skill level anymore for intricate decorative painting. As a result, I decided to use other decorative media. It turns out that there are so many things to use for decorating. They include DUCKTAPE®, knick knacks, ribbon, buttons, erasers, plastic flowers and much more.

Collectables revisited
‘The Button Bottle’ is the result of revisiting the “Recycled with Love’ Collectables philosophy and technique.
















Seasonal and Themed Collectables
collectables revisited
Halloween Decorative Fun

















Whimsical Collectables
collectables revisited
Painted glass bottle and cups with decorative erasers
To The Next Level

Recycled with Love Collectables have been revisited and taken to the next level. The bottles I painted and decorated have become part of our 2018 holiday greeting cards.

RwL Collectables Revisited
Painted and decorated bottles become a menorah and Christmas tree decorations