Introducing The World to Indoor Farming

Indoor farming
Seed Mama Indoor Farming Using Soilbased and Soilless methods.

Indoor farming has become a source of healthy greens for my family to eat. There are a variety of types of indoor farming that I use. Therefore, those will be discussed here. There are so many more. But the following are introduced now:
• soil-based farming
• hydroponics (water based farming) aka soil-less farming

Soil-Based Farming

I started out using soil-based farming to grow microgreens. I also use soil for growing my garden.

indoor farming
Microgreens can be grown in small or large soilbased trays or on soilless mats.

indoor farming
This is the food composter I use. It is called the ‘VermiTek 5-Tray Worm Composter.
It makes wonderful, rich warm casting.

I also use soil for my indoor garden. But I am only mentioning it, not delving into it here. The soil that I use for both indoor farming and indoor gardening is a combination of commercial organic soil, peat moss and worm casting.

Black Gold Fertilizer

The worm castings are from my composting system, the VermiTek 5-Tray Worm composter from VermiTek. Composting is both ecological and rewarding. Worm castings are the result of it. They are considered ‘black gold’ as fertilizer.

Commercial Indoor Farming

I grow microgreens for personal consumption. In addition to my personal use, there are many commercial indoor farmers. In fact, some of them use soil-based farming and some use soil-less. The results are spectacular and can be very profitable.

On The Acre

indoor farming
Photos from the On the Acre Instagram Account
There are as many kinds of microgreens as there are seeds to grow them with. In fact, one grower who I interviewed, Nathan Cash, has created an art out of growing them as his business. One of his goals has been to grow a variety of microgreens that can all be harvested simultaneously. As a result, his business, On The Acre, can offer a cornucopia of greens to restaurants. This variety of greens is very appealing to restaurant owners and customers. Visit their Instagram account. Contact them by phone at Call (281) 813-9500.

indoor farming
Their micromix from the Indoor Microgreen farm, ‘On The Acre’, owned by Nathan Cash and located in Dickinson, Texas. For more information about this soil-based microgreen business, visit them on Instagram.
Florida MicroGreens

I was introduced to soilless indoor farming by one of my favorite companies, Florida MicroGreens. They are based in Cape Coral, Florida. In contrast with On The Acre, they offer a variety of products and services. In fact, I bought almost everything I own when I got ‘serious’ about growing microgreens.

This includes seeds, soil-less mats and LED lighting. As a matter of fact, one of their owners, Rob Epple, became my farming mentor. His hands on, personal customer service is unsurpassed. I really love dealing with him and the other two owners. They include Nick Shemenski and Rachel Shemenski.

Florida MicroGreens offers so many products and services that I need the assistance of social media to explain what they do. I’ve already linked their website to this post. So now, I would like to add their Instagram account. In fact, here’s a really attractive group of photos to give you an idea of what they do.

Indoor Farming
Introducing Florida MicorGreens on Instagram

Florida Microgreens also offers personal growing classes, personal starter kits, wholesale soilless microgreens for restaurants, products to the public including seeds and help growing mats. Is that all? I almost forgot, great customer service! So contact them…
• by email
• or phone at 239-218-2635

Microgreens As Magic, Mystery, Miracle Solution to Food Insecurity and Culinary Art

There is so much more to be said about Indoor Farming, personal and commercial. That is why this post merely introduces this universal topic. Ultimately, I believe that the goal is to provide an economical, ecological, healthy source of supergreens. They can be grown indoors on the smallest parcels of space, even a kitchen counter or dining table. Beyond personal even necessary food, they have an elite appeal to high end food establishments.They appeal from top to bottom, where ever you are. In closing, here is one more example of the beauty they can bring to the culinary arts thanks to Nathan Cash and On the Acre.

indoor farming
Photos from the On the Acre Instagram Account

Indoor farming
Check out this dish prepared at La Griglia in Houston. It is deconstructed bruschetta, whipped ricotta, fennel mousse, spec ham, pickled cipollini and mosto cotto with On the Acre arugula microgreens. Photo from their Instagram account.