A Living Healthier Food Plan

Please note: This post has been written as more of a personal diary entry rather than a blog post with details that should apply to anyone else. It is the plan I aim to follow at this point of my life. In other words, it is designed for me by me. It is not a medical or nutritional recommendation for anyone else.


My living healthier food plan is key to a good day. As mentioned in Part One, A Living Healthier Plan my day begins with at least 8 oz of filtered water. Next comes a supplement. Then perhaps some fresh fruit. Finally the morning meal is complete with a full breakfast.
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It is easier to explain what breakfast is not for me than what is. There are so many for what is healthy. Meanwhile there are very few that are not. So this should be a no brainer. For example, the typical working person’s start to the day is the adrenaline rush of giant coffees and a carbo bomb.
The carbo bomb shown in this shutterstock photo, coffee and empty carb, ‘white food’ calories.
Protein with Breakfast Is Good
Ideally for me a breakfast with some protein is good. Actually, I aim to eat sort of a reverse diet. In fact it is known by the saying, ‘eat breakfast like a king (or queen). Lunch like a prince (or princess). Finally, eat dinner like a pauper’.
living healthier food plan
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Protein with Lots of Vegetables at Lunch Is Good
So I try to include a protein at breakfast. Then protein, vegetable and even a healthy carb for lunch. Finally an early dinner and a snack if necessary before bedtime. Even though I don’t follow it exactly, I prefer to eat my big meal closer to the middle of the day or afternoon. In fact, we like this arrangement a lot.
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Eating Later in the Day
Another suggestion is to not eat anything after 8 pm at night. Unless I am famished, this is another part of our living healthier food plan. Throughout the day, I include my supplements and am religious about taking certain prescribed medication before bed.
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Snacks Are A Challenge
Finding healthy snacks is a real challenge for us. Therefore, one of the changes I am attempting to make is to stay away from sugary snacks and help Phil (my husband) to do the same.
Nuts and Chocolate
For example, some kind of protein is preferable to a sugary snack. Personally, I love peanuts and pistachio nuts. Phil loves cashew nuts.

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Fruit As Well as Vegetables : Fresh, Cooked, or Even Dried
Fresh fruit, fruit cooked without sugar or even dried fruit without chemicals are other options. Even include certain ‘controversial carbs’ like a baked potato (White or sweet). Certain oils and ghee are like the cherry on top of the sundae. Popcorn is a favorite of Phil’s. In addition, dark chocolate made with monk fruit is very satisfying and does not spike blood sugar.
Raw Cheese
Let’s not forget cheese, made from raw milk as much as possible. At times I have eliminated dairy. But since discovering the digestive value of raw milk cheese, I like to include it in my food plan.
Just A Handful Of Nuts May Help Keep Us From Packing On The Pounds As We Age from npr.org
I have eaten according to many dietary systems over my life. At different times, different systems have worked best. Therefore I want to record what is the latest find.
This is an ancient system that determines what foods are best to eat according to one’s body type as well as the season. Banyan Botanicals has an excellent test to determine body type and imbalances. Then I can figure out what foods are best for me to eat according to my doshas, any imbalances, and the seasons.
living healthier food plan
Why Is Ayurveda Important? from Himalayanyoganepal.com
This is a fascinating system. It requires an analysis of DNA results from Ancestry or another company. But it is based on chromosomes not geneology. Somehow it works. In fact when I first started following it, I definitely found an increase in my energy level. I have even created a looseleaf binder of the preferred foods in all their categories.
Crack your DNA Code and Unlock a Healthier You from www.genopalate.com
But as often happens, I have not been diligent about continuing. That is because I like too many foods that are not listed on it. Therefore I tend to fall back into the foods I like. Part of my living healthier food plan is to resume it as much as possible.


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