media maven
Alison D. Gilbert, Media Maven
Alison D. Gilbert, Media Maven
Over the last three decades, I have been Alison D. Gilbert, the Media Maven. I have been on:
• National television
• Local cable television
• Internet radio
• Local radio
• National newspaper
• Regional magazines
• Local newspapers

I have appeared in person at:
• Organizational and civic meetings
• Public libraries
• Workshops and Seminars



Research and Report
I love being a traditional and now social media maven. It is a delicious challenge to thoroughly research a topic and then report the facts about it. In addition, whatever the medium is, something inside of me lights up and a switch goes on when an interview is possible. Throughout my various entrepreneurial ventures, I have always found the media available, accessible and eager to cooperate.

Creating An Authentic Story
There is nothing like creating an authentic story containing information gathered from primary source interviews and written as a tribute to those involved.

media maven
The Charrette Chronicles is a series of blog posts about, Charrette, a national corporation.

The Charrette Corporation was started by a Harvard Graduate School of Design student in a janitor’s closet. I had the opportunity to interview that student. He is now retired and a man of at least eighty. From start to finish, that project was a rare privilege.

Decorative Painting by Alison Gilbert
When I was a decorative painter, I demonstrated my own ‘5-Step Decorative Painting System’ on the Lifetime TV’s, Our Home Show.


Holistic Health Advocate
Other media situations arose when my focus was in the holistic health industry. There again, an opportunity presented itself to be on Long Island Cable television.


America Matters Radio
Over the last 14 months, I have become very involved with a radio station, Through this station, I have become the:
A.M. News RVC, NY Correspondent

media maven
A.M. News Correspondent from Rockville Centre, NY, USA

• More recently, I have joined TWO PATHS, The Internet Radio Show as their Ace Detective.

Thus far I have successfully completed four Mystery Music Challenges:
• The first involved finding the Molfetta brothers, authors of several songs that Keith Galliher now sings.
• Next was the challenge to connect with friends and family of the late, great songwriter, Teddy Randazzo. I spent months talking with them and learning about Teddy.
• My third challenge was also a success.
• The fourth was to find and invite Tom Moffatt of Tom Moffatt Productions in Honolulu, Hawaii to the radio show. Tom was a friend and colleague of Teddy Randazzo. Tom was a guest on Two Paths in April 2016.

Alison D. Gilbert, Music Publicist and #Ace Detective
Alison D. Gilbert, Music Publicist and #Ace Detective

• Most recently, I have become the Music Publicist for Keith Galliher and Clarence Collins, owners of Imperials Plus Records. In addition, I have created and maintain their Imperials Plus Records website and several of their facebook pages.