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The Charrette Corporation Chronicles, A Six Part Blog Post Series
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The red Charrette van made overnight deliveries from Boston to NYC. This was long before the term ‘overnight’ was even conceived or branded as shipping businesses.

This first example is a compelling true story. It is actually about a business that began in a janitor’s closet. From very humble beginnings, this once fledgling business grew to become a multimillion-dollar corporation. A student at the Harvard Graduate School of Design planted the initial seed. He saw a need that he and his fellow students had. So he decided to see if he could solve it.

So my series illustrates how he did it. As a result of Lionel Spiro’s inspired idea, Charrette went on to become the largest supplier of its kind on the East Coast. The company included tools for architectural, interiors and graphic design. As a result, it was these industries’ premier supplier for almost half a century.



A Story Based on Primary Source Research
Charrette Alumni gathering from The Charrette Alumni group on LinkedIn

Another part of my ongoing writing is primary source interviews. In fact, they are the foundation of this chronicle. Most exciting was the fact that the Charrette interviewees included the two corporate founders, Lionel Spiro and Blair Brown. Other key employees were interviewed, as well. There was even an opportunity to interview the architect for the NYC flagship Charrette Corporation store. I thank all these people for their generously shared Charrette memories and experiences.

Spanning about four decades from the 1950s to the 1990s, the Charrette Corporation had a story that was fascinating. From the very start, its concept was totally unique. Besides that, Charrette’s success was immediate. This is because it provided design supplies to other Harvard Graduate Design School students. The need to travel to secure supplies was eliminated. At that time, this was a totally original idea. It also filled an immediate need. As a result, their success spread far and wide from these very humble beginnings.

Here are the Chapters of this ongoing writing series about the Charrette Corporation:


Charrette Corporation Chronicle Post Links

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FINALE: A Charrette Corporation Fond Farewell


KNOLLING, A Blog Post Series

An example of knolling with the theme of the color, ORANGE

The story of knolling is a fascinating and somewhat complex one. Its beginnings may have been simple as an organizational system. But it went on to become something quite different as well as commercialized for photographic layout for branding.


KNOLLING Part One: Organizational or Graphic Design Layout and Product Branding System?


KNOLLING Part Two: Can It Help Organize My Costume Jewelry Collection?


KNOLLING Part Three: Social Media Adds Another Perspective to Knolling


KNOLLING Part Four: From Chaos To Creativity



Digital Brand Marketing Education & Interactives, Contributing Writer
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Digital Brand Marketing Education & Interactives

Digital Brand Marketing Education & Interactives

This is another venture that I had the good fortune to participate in. I was a contributing blog post writer for a multi-author, social media blog and website, Digital Brand Marketing Interactives and Education.

Its creator was Basil Puglisi. He is another visionary. In keeping with his venture, he invited other knowledgable, excellent writers to join the ranks, as well.


Digital Brand Marketing Education and Interactives authors and contributors
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