Alison D. Gilbert, Non-fiction Writer

I am a non-fiction writer. In other words, my written works are based on factual information, not my own imagination. These facts are gathered using in-depth research methods preferably primary source interviews as available. When that is not possible, I have to be a detective to get to the bottom of a true story. To date, my work includes a three eBooks series that is on In addition, I have written many individual blog posts and numerous blog post series. These are also all authentic stories compiled by me as a non-fiction writer. They are introduced on the Additional Writing page of The Website & Writing of Alison D. Gilbert.


Amazon Ebooks, The Former Middle Class Series
Book One of Three, The Poor Middle Class Crisis eBook by Alison D. Gilbert

The Poor Middle Class Crisis

This is the story of how we went from being Middle Class to ‘one-day from homeless’. After a moving introduction of how this happened, the publication becomes a guide filled with financial survival strategies. These are tips on how to survive as a former middle-class person. The goal is to offer ideas to make life for The Former Middle Class as comfortable, manageable and affordable as possible. In other words, it is a general survival book. It is not until the second book in the Former Middle-Class series that primarily one tool, credit cards becomes the topic.





Book Two of Three, Using Credit Cards for Survival & Profit By Alison D. Gilbert

USING CREDIT CARDS for Survival & Profit

This is the second in the series, The Former Middle Class. It is about credit cards and how helpful they can be when used responsibly. In addition, it is an in-depth study of credit, FICO credit scores, credit reports and other important information about credit. There are some amazingly valuable tips available in this eBook.







The third and final eBook in this series, Mastering the Art of Green by Alison D. Gilbert

MASTERING The Art of Green

This is the third and final ebook in the series, The Former Middle Class. It goes further into the amazing benefits once can gain from the responsible use of credit cards. There are also presentations on gathering and gaining other types of green. The eBook introduces indoor farming, a method of growing one’s own food indoors. There are clearly other ways to survive besides money. Find out more about them in this eBook.