Research and experience led me to become a resource maven. My database of information is from both past business services and current community goings-on. Both areas are detailed in the next two sections of this website.

How To Find What You Need To Know

There are two steps to gathering information. First, the visual cards pictured below represent the categories in which I am a maven. Find the category you need. This will start you on your search. Then the list of links below them will lead you to specific reference material.



You may have received one or more of the above information cards in person. Otherwise, you probably came to this section during your own search.

I have always been curious and outgoing. Consequently, gathering information led me to become a Social Media and Community Services Maven. Over the years, even to this day, I have loved to meet people. I love to network in group settings as one example. Learning about new things has always inspired me. That’s how I gather information about people and things. The result is that I became a good resource person. For example, I can be found strolling around my community in good weather. That is when I make my tour that includes local businesses. The result of this is a visit to their owners and staff. In addition, I get to chat with local residents along the way.

Alison D. Gilbert, Media Maven
Alison D. Gilbert, Media Maven

In past professions spanning the last four decades, I often attended networking activities and participated in the media. I was known as Alison D. Gilbert, the Media Maven. I have been on:
National television
Local cable television
Internet radio
• Local radio
• National newspaper
• Regional magazines
• Local newspapers

• Social Media Marketing for Business
• Local Business As the Solution

Spoke at an in-person event:
• Organizational and civic meetings
• Public libraries
• Workshops and Seminars

Researched online entertainment media:
• Swing Dance Lives
• Teddy Randazzo, Singer/Songwriter/Teen Movie Idol
• Imperials Plus Records
• Best Decades of American Music

Participate(d) in community services and business activities:
• A.M. News
• A.M. News Correspondents Convention
• A.M. News Correspondent Rockville Centre NY
• The Rockville Centre Community Page
• Social Media Marketing
• Golden Fortune Restaurant
• Natural Choice Health Food


Decorative Art & Design
Decorative Art & Design Resources

As both a professional and a hobbyist in the areas of Decorative Art & Design, I have developed resources related to my
Art & Design Pages at these page links:
Theories and News
Folk Art and Crafts
Food As Art
The Gilbert-Jacobs Art Studio
The Gilbert-Jacobs Art Museum
• Tin Can Ali




The Future of Food
The Future of Healthy Food Includes Indoor Farming

Healthy Food has been my inspiration for decades. Now, Indoor Farming has become an inspirations as well for the following:
• Alison’s Healthy Food & Beverage Kitchen
• Alison’s Kombucha Kitchen
• Seed Mama Indoor Farming
• Soil Is Not A Dirty Word
• Food Freedom (Group)



Natural Healing Resources
Natural Healing Resources

One can choose allopathic or homeopathic remedies. There is a choice between modern and traditional medicines. Eastern and Western techniques are also available. Herbal concoctions can be very effective. In fact, Mother Nature has provided us with a world of healing resources. From regular household items, to the newest energy/vibration techniques, natural healing resources are available and invaluable. Learn about them here:
• Alison’s Wise Woman Herbal & Natural Remedies Cabinet
• Wise Woman Healing Cabinet





Finance & Survival
Finance & Survival Resources

The results of research in this area are especially crucial for survival:
• The Former Middle Class
• The Former Middle Class Ebook Series
• One Day From Homeless
• The Poor Middle-Class Crisis
• Survival Comes First
• The Savvy Saving Survivalist
• Using Credit Cards for Survival & Profit
• Mastering the Art of Green
• The Credit Card Maven


The In-person and Online Social Media Maven
Alison D. Gilbert, Media Maven photo by Phil Jacobs ©

I love being an in-person community maven as well as an online social media maven. Therefore, I welcome the challenge of thoroughly researching a topic or person. After that, I can accurately report about them.

Consequently, whatever medium I explore or report on is researched with passion. A switch goes on inside of me especially when a personal interview is possible with a primary source person. Throughout my various entrepreneurial ventures, I have always found subjects accessible and people eager to cooperate with my resources research. As a result, I learn about people, their professions and their accomplishments. This way, my fact-filled stories are available for everyone who needs or wishes to read them.


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