The Entrepreneurial Process


Becoming A Profession: The Entrepreneurial Process
The Process: Passion, Mission, Vocation, Profession

The entrepreneurial process involves developing a profession from a passion. This process involves four steps, passion, mission, vocation, profession. Even when one follows them, this process may or might not necessarily result in entrepreneurship or the profession one initially planned.

Going With The Flow

In any event, if one is willing and able to go the distance focused on the inner sense of flow with their process, intuitively and not just rationally, one thing will be for certain. Things will unfold as they are destined to. Whatever place along the entrepreneurial process something is also meant to go, it will go. In addition, this process may repeat itself more than once and even numerous times in one’s lifetime.

entrepreneurial process
Your Ikigai is the life you were born to live. . . it’s the life of your dreams from The Ikigai Mastermind















“That moment when you know you’re doing the right thing . . . .” This is known in Japanese as Ikigai, or one’s purpose for being. It is the reason one wakes up in the morning i.e. one’s life purpose. The above chart describes the process. As an additional insight, the chart below is a modern retake on IKIGAI.

Stops Along The Way
There is an added sense of joy in letting go of demanded or forced results. It is a far superior journey to allow the process to unfold as it is meant to be rather than attempting to force the results. Although we may all want our passions to manifest in professions, there are other potential destination. Optimally, the goal is to surrender to the process, allowing the natural flow to carry us along the path. We can learn where it is that our particular passion is meant to lead us. There are other possibilities.

Profession . . . Or?

Not all passions develop into professions. Some do. But when they don’t, there are a variety of other possibilities:

• A Hobby

• A Club With Members of Common Interest

• A Facebook Group

• A Vocation

• A Volunteer

• A Not-For-Profit Organization

• A Small Business

• A Corporate Entity

A Modern Retake on the Ikigai Diagram ©Mike Paton 2016invovling process
A Modern Return Retake on the Ikigai Diagram ©Mike Paton 2016
















The Journey

I have had many passions. Some have flowed all the way to professions. Some have not or have not yet. In both cases, I have found a degree of fulfillment in whatever I did and however things turned out.

In the next section, My JOURNEY, I explore my process with about a half dozen enterprises. If you study this section of my website, you should be able to identify with some aspect(s) of my journey. This can help you on your own path.