Alison D. Gilbert, Nonfiction Writer

I am a non fiction writer. In other words, my written works are based on factual information not my own imagination. These facts are gathered using in-depth research preferably through primary source interviews. When that is not possible,I have to be a detective to get to the bottom of a true story. To date, my work includes two eBook that are on Amazon.com. In addition, I have written numerous blog post series. They are also all authentic stories compiled by me as a non fiction writer.

My Amazon eBooks

MASTERING CREDIT CARDS for Survival & Profit

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My second Amazon eBook, MASTERING CREDIT CARDS For Survival & Profit
My current non fiction eBook is the second in a series, The Former Middle Class. It is about about mastering credit, specifically the use of cards. In addition, it is an in-depth study of credit card use, FICO credit scores, credit reports and other important information about credit.There are some amazingly valuable tips available in this eBook.





The Poor Middle Class Crisis eBook

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The Poor Middle Class Crisis eBook available at Amazon.com
The eBook, The Poor Middle Class Crisis

This is the story of how we went from being Middle Class to ‘one-day from homeless’. After a moving introduction of how this happened, the publication becomes a guide filled with financial survival strategies. These are tips on how to survive as a former middle class person. The goal is to offer ideas to make life for The Former Middle Class as comfortable, manageable and affordable as possible. In other words, it is a general survival book. It is not until the second book in the Former Middle Class series that primarily one tool, credit cards becomes the topic.






The Charrette Corporation Chronicles

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The red Charrette van that made overnight deliveries from Boston to NYC long before ‘overnight delivery’ was the norm.
The Charrette Corporation Chronicles

This is the true story of a multimillion dollar business that began in a janitor’s closet started by a student at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. The chronicle is written from primary source interviews including the founders of the corporation and key employees, as well. It is a fascinating story that spans about four decades from the 1950’s to the 1990’s.




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