The Poor Middle Class Crisis Ebook


The Poor Middle Class Crisis, the eBook

After years of living with this crisis, I realized that I had to share my experience. At first, I was reluctant, even ashamed. But then I realized, I had to let other people know. It would help me and it could help them. I decided to do this by writing ‘The Poor Middle Class Crisis’. My intention is to help educate, enlighten and support other people. I also want to let those like me know, ‘You Are Not Alone’.

The Poor Middle Class Crisis is ongoing. In fact, according to news sources, 34% of adults have no savings. This crisis is affecting greater numbers of people, folks of different ages and those in differing circumstances. Therefore, everyone needs to be aware of this crisis and how to gather a financial survival toolkit should one be necessary. That is why I have written, ‘The Poor Middle Class Crisis, Financial Survival Resources Guide’.

The Poor Middle Class Crisis eBook
The Poor Middle Class Crisis, Financial Survival Resources Guide by Alison D. Gilbert © 2017

Read the Introduction: Our Story, Almost Homeless.

Buy the eBook on Amazon. The ebook will be going on sale for a reduced price shortly and for a limited time. If you can wait, buy it now. If you can, watch for the sale! Either way, it is an invaluable investment.

Join the Facebook group for support and survival assistance, to build your ‘Financial Survival Toolkit’, to exchange information and resources

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A Financial Survival Toolkit and Support System

In addition to gathering a financial survival toolkit by reading The Poor Middle Class Crisis eBook, everyone affected by the Poor Middle Class Crisis needs to be part of a support system. It might be talking with friends, belonging to a formal group or part of a community. There are very many of us. We may look financially secure. There may be nothing that signals our plight. But all of us who share this experience need help dealing with it.

The first step in finding support might be to join the Facebook group, The Poor Middle Class Crisis. There you will find others like us. There is additional information below about this issue in the Source & Resources section that might be helpful.




Sources & Resources

The Inspiration for my Poor Middle Class Toolkit, The Viper Green Toolkit

Neal Gabler’s article in The Atlantic, The Secret Shame of Middle Class Americans

An article by Elizabeth White, For Broke Baby Boomers, It’s Time To Face Reality

An eBook by Elizabeth White, Fifty-five, Unemployed, and Faking Normal

The Facebook group, The Poor Middle Class Crisis & Resources