Art by Phil J.


Art by Phil J consists of both illustration as well as painting in the form of portraiture (caricatures), landscape, and custom painting projects. Phil uses both natural and digital media to create his art. Whenever I have needed special artwork to enhance my writing, Phil has provided the artwork for me.

Ali in my favorite red lumber plaid jacket
PHIL’S ART Phil’s pieces include any of the styles and themes listed above and below. Since he is also retired, his artwork is either donated to organizations. In addition, it is used for my website or blog art. In fact, the fun portrait shown here is one Phil did for me wearing my favorite red and black lumberjack plaid winter coat.
EDUCATION Phil is a self taught artist. In fact, he has been creative most of his life. Although he did not study art as part of his bachelor’s degree program, he did so as part of his continuing education program in both natural and digital art.

ART THEMES Art by Phil J. falls primarily into one of three categories. They include Portrait and Caricature, Landscape, or Custom Project. In addition, there is work done in both natural and digital media in each category. The following are examples of them.

Portraiture and Caricature This portrait was done in natural media. It is the daughter of a friend.

Portrait of girl

Landscape This piece was done in natural media. It is of the rainy season in Zuan Loc, Vietnam.
The rainy season in Zuan Loc

Custom Project This poster was designed to promote the Long Beach Polar Bear Swim soon after the event became a yearly tradition. It has become the template for the poster used every year since then. The original art was done in a combination of natural and digital media.
Long Beach Polar Bear Swim Poster 2004

art-by-Phil J