Art by Phil J.

Art by Phil J consists of natural media in other words both painting as well as illustration in the form of portraiture (caricatures), landscapes, and custom painting projects. In addition Phil uses digital or computer media to create his art.

Whenever I need special artwork to enhance my writing, particularly my blog posts, Phil creates the artwork for me.

Ali in my favorite red lumber plaid jacket
PHIL’S ART Phil’s pieces include the styles and themes throughout this page. He creates artwork for my website and blog posts as well as organizational projects . Actually, the fun portrait here is Phil’s creation of me wearing my favorite red and black lumberjack plaid winter coat. This jacket shows some similarity to the Hudson Bay Mackinaw Jacket in the Hudson Bay Blanket Blog Post.
EDUCATION Phil is a self taught artist. Creativity is a lifelong pursuit of his. Although he majored in history at John Carroll University rather than study art as part of his bachelor’s degree program, a certificate from their continuing education program at Molloy College on Long Island included both natural and digital art. The following paintings are actual examples of his work.

PORTRAITS AND CARICATURE These portraits were created using natural media acrylic paint. To the left is a portrait of me. Meanwhile a caricature of the West End Arts bus is on the right.

Portrait of Alison and Caricature of the West End Arts bus both done in acrylic

LANDSCAPE This piece was done in natural media. It is of the rainy season in Zuan Loc, Vietnam.
The rainy season in Zuan Loc

Long Beach Polar Bear Swim Poster 2004
This poster was designed to promote the Long Beach Polar Bear Swim soon after the event became a yearly tradition coinciding with Super Bowl Sunday. The event is also in honor of Paulie Bradley who passed away before you could get his ‘Make A Wish’ Foundation Wish. It has become the template for the poster used every year since then. The original art is a combination of natural and digital media.

Art by Phil J is both popular and sought after. If you desire his work for a project, contact him at