A website without educational, entertaining videos would be boring. They would be like poor quality, old black and white silent movie. I am not a fan of them. This first video is an introduction to myself as an entrepreneur.

A brief video introducing myself when I was a marketing consultant, in essence years before I realized I was a cultural historian.

I have included educational videos from my professions. In addition, the entertainment videos are about hobbies that are my passions, as well. They all enhance this website. In fact, my website would be incomplete without them.
Alison Gilbert, decorative painter, interview on the Long Island Artist Habitat, Second Edition.

Alison Gilbert, decorative painter, interview on the Long Island Artist Habitat, Second Edition

Foretelling a Business’s Branding Future

The next example of my educational videos has historical significance. It is a video that accompanies a blog post about branding.

I consider the Dunkin’ Donuts brand to be one of the best in the US today. To find out why, read the blog post and watch one of my educational, entertaining videos.

This post is part of the Digital Brand Marketing Education project, a non-profit devoted to educating the public in each of the above-mentioned areas through blog posts written by professionals in these fields. In fact, my blog posts always included educational videos.

Years before the official rebranding, I wrote this post about Dunkin’


A Decorative Painting Demonstration

Here’s a video that I am very proud of. Actually, it involves my first time on national television. I was featured on The Our Home Show with host Bonnie Montgomery. My appearance included demonstrating the 5-step decorative painting process I invented. The process includes these five steps:
1. prep
2. prime
3. paint
4. prettify
5. protect


‘The Best Years Show on News 12’ Long Island

An interview by Gene Pritz, host of this show. He inquired about various types of holistic or alternative healing. The topics that I addressed included:


The Great Giraffe Adventure

This is an example of one of my favorite, educational, entertaining videos. It is a rare personal treat. The topic features my visit to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Included is our photo safari, and my adventure with two lovable giraffes. They are mother and daughter, named Chuku and Chamoa. They were the stars of the Safari Park.

I learned so much about giraffes that I did not know. Not only was this adventure educational, it was one of the greatest thrills of my life..