TOPIC THREE: Decorative Art & Design


Decorative Art & Design is the third topic of this website.As an equivalent, this topic is in the third chakra position known as the solar plexis of in the Eastern perspective. The description in a Fitsri link is the inspiration for self esteem and confidence.

Decorative Painting Video filmed for the Lifetime Television’s Our Home Show As an added treat, this video from my appearance on Lifetime Television’s Our Home show showcases my work. The episode was filmed at the now famous Silvercup Studios in Queens NY. In this episode, I demonstrated the seven step technique decorative painting technique which I invented.

To be thorough, the video featured a variety of pieces I had used in the beginning to develop my system. Then my work evolved to includes client work. Therefore I displayed a developing technique as well as professional five step system that I developed over a period of several years. Suffice to say, this was a very exciting experience. In additional, it was a learning opportunity. Best of all, the show was broadcast nationally for the benefit of as many viewers as possible.

Decorative Art & Design project business card
Art & Design Blog Posts
These blog posts illustrate the evolution of my decorative art work. To be specific, I started out using only the medium of
paint. Then my work evolved to using other materials. These included fabric, ribbon, duck tape, contact paper, and additional accessories including found objects.
1.Recycled with Love Collectables Hobby
2.Decorative Art & Crafts Revisited
3.Reclaiming Forgotten Treasures for Fun and Profit


Historically Facebook has the most popular social media platform. Therefore it was the easiest to provide a variety of content on. Because much of my professional work was in the field of decorative art, this platform was the easiest one with which to present this topic. But since Facebook evolved into more of a business site, this platform did not continue to be the optimal platform for its display. Instead other social media platforms including Instagram, Pinterest as well as YouTube became more practical for this purpose. Therefore, be sure to view them in all their variety of venues.

These linked pages present sources and resources for a variety of decorative art & design topics. Some of my own work is included in links F. and G.
A. Theories and News
B. 2 Dimensional Design
C. 3 Dimensional Design
D. Folk Art and Crafts
E. Food As Art
F. The Gilbert-Jacobs Art Studio
G. The Gilbert-Jacobs Art Museum

In conclusion, in order to get the most out of the Decorative Art & Design topic be sure to view as many examples on as many social media platforms as possible. This includes work on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram, as well as YouTube. Therefore you will get the most out of this topic.