Financial Technology Through the Ages


2018 smart phone from

TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCES The development of financial technology machinery has increased the storage capacity and speed of financial transactions exponentially. But, they can also bring my activities to a halt.

For example, I find that many computer programs also known as apps inhibit the ease of use rather than encourage simplicity.
IBM’s First Personal Computer from 34 years ago on

My History

I did not grow up with the latest financial technology machinery. In fact the most complicated mathematical technology was the slide rule primarily for engineering questions. This is a sample of the pre-computer computer, the slide rule from

A vintage Victor 63 key adding machine on Pinterest. com

In addition to that was the electric adding machine which has evolved over the century. They still exist but can not fit in the relatively small space of a slide rule and today’s especially small smartphone. A slide rule is also known as a slapstick.


It is still possible to pay for things in person with cash. In addition, things can be paid for through the mail by check, money order, or credit card. Today the most popular means of payment is by credit card in person or online. Rarely do I carry cash as I prefer to pay by credit card in person and online.

credit-cards Guide to Choosing a Credit Card from Upon

Pre-My History Before the slide rule going back thousands of year was the abacus. Although it is of unknown origin, it actually had the ability to solve mathematical questions very quickly. It was also known as a calculating tool from Wikipedia. Here is what one looked like.


“Technology is the application of knowledge for achieving practical goals in a reproducible way” according to Wikipedia. There is no question that financial technology machinery has impact our world in ways that one can barely imagine. In spite of this, there are times when I wish I could return to an old fashioned ledger to keep track of my monthly numbers. Is this a possibility or just a nostalgic fantasy?


Boorum & Pease 66 Series Account Book, Journal Ruled, Green, 150 Pages, 12-1/8″ x 7-5/8″, Blue from


slide rule
adding machine
account journal
The complete history of credit cards, from antiquity to today


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Part Two: My Bilt MasterCard Imploded


My Bilt Mastercard imploded rather than earned points about a month or so after I received it. As advertised, the goal is to accumulate enough points to help pay rent as well as receive other benefits. But the opposite occurred.
BILT card imploded
My BILT Mastercard Imploded

When I first discovered it, I wondered if I might not fit into the targeted demographics. But the BILT website was so appealing. It offered all kinds of irresistible perks that I couldn’t resist.

Beware Temptations But the following inconsistencies were a concern. Seniors my age usually don’t pay rent. Owning a home or other property is more likely. In addition, an older person might not belong to a youth oriented fitness club. Also, a vacation might not be the priority for a senior needing to reduce their rent payment.
Fitness features
BILT Mastercard fitness features
So Why Did I Persist? Other details about the practicality of the BILT Mastercard should have stopped me in my tracks. For instance, within a week of receiving the card, the company’s phone system went on the blink. So communication was limited to electronic means only. As a result, the important questions I needed immediate answers to did not get answered.
travel points
Travel points are featured on
One Solution Leads to Another Problem Once live communication resumed, I found that my calls went to a very noisy call center. Specifically there were several operators yelling over each other to the customers all at once. As a result, I could not hear my operator. But I did hear all the other operators yelling at their customers instead.
Antique switch board from
When to Charge, Then How to Pay? The next problem occured when I did use the card to charge purchases. I thought that I was billed more than once for the same items. In other words almost $1500 extra. As a result, I had to leverage and pay a $30. stop payments on my credit card assigned to bill payment.

Penalty Rather Than Payment Therefore, because of the $1500 discrepancy, I had to put a stop payment of $30. against the account that only earned $22 the month before. Eventually that fee was waived. But until then, I had to pay for being a BILT card carrier rather than earning points towards any featured luxuries.
hotel points
Points can be used for hotel stays
Misleading Glamour Actually the promotions on the website were quite glamorous which made the BILT Mastercard very tempting. But the shock was that the point earned to payment ratio pathetic. In fact I was crushed when I learned that 1000 point only equalled $11. It would take forever to realize my needs, dreams, as well as desires.

Ultimately I had to stop all payments to the payments credit card. Therefore I now have the additional challenge of paying my BILT Mastercard charges on time.

BILT Collection
The BILT Collection offered as part of BILT
Confusion So far, I still get very confused whether to charge purchases with the BILT Mastercard or make payments for them with my checking account. As a result, I received the following notice on my account online.

temporary restriction
Temporary restriction imposed by Bilt Mastercard

After my inquiry, I immediately forgot how to charge something rather than where to pay for it. I repeatedly found this to be a confusing low paying, time wasting program.


The BILT Rewards Mastercard is probably the worst credit card I ever signed up for. For example, it is misleading and very hard to follow. Specifically, I have had many problems with the bookkeeping aspect of it. In fact, I have spend so much time and gotten so little in return.

Therefore as soon as this card is paid off, I will close it. As a result, it will no longer be part of my credit card wallet. In addition, I do not recommend that anyone else sign up for it. This is because all that glitters is not gold. Thus this one will tarnish very quickly. So beware and be forewarned, consumer.


Wallet Hacks Blog Post


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The BILT MasterCard from Wells Fargo


BILT Mastercard
The BILT Mastercard from Wells Fargo to help pay rent

The BILT MasterCard from Wells Fargo is one of the latest point earner credit cards. In fact it is a unique new comer to the credit card scene. It is designed to earn points towards paying rent.

I actually found out about it from the Wallet Hacks blog and my favorite financial guru, James Wang. For this and the below reasons I decided to give it a try. Lately paying my bills has become a serious challenge:
• our rent has gone up substantially
• our SNAP benefits have gone down sharply

I have a history of benefiting from credit card promotions. So I figured this might help also. To my frustration and disappointment, this card was not easy to use. It didn’t help that the BILT phone system was not working. So all my questions had to wait until their system was up and running again.

Once the phone system was working, I called only to learn that it took 1000 point to earn $5.50. Actually I was shocked. In fact, I considered dumping the card. But then I decided to give it some time to see if there were benefits that were not readily apparent.

BILT Mastercard
A credit card that lets you earn point on rent.
CURRENT STATUS So far we have earned 2000 points since we opened the card at the end of July. Since we are managing to squeeze by in paying all our upcoming bills for September, I am holding on to the $11. in earned points for now.

In fact, I want to keep accumulating points for now as long as we can get by without using them. I’m waiting for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow when a substantial part of the rent is covered by my new BILT Mastercard. But for now it will be like keeping my savings under my mattress.

your account
our account showing the accumulation of 2000 points


Bilt Rewards Credit Card
BILT REview 2023:Earn Rewards Paying Rent


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The NYS Social Services System


The NYS Social Services System has inconsistencies that can make financial security very challenging. For someone not familiar with this system, it might not make any sense. In fact, that is because it is not sensible.

Nassau County Department of Social Services

A Closed System

Social Services is a closed system. In other words if one area increases, another area will decrease rather than also increase. For example, when there is a COLA (cost of living) increase in monthly social security payments, food stamp payments will decrease.

Logic would dictate that if the cost of living increases, the cost of food also increases. But the closed system concludes that if an individual receives a greater social security payment, there is less need for assistance with food purchases.

Another example is that increases to income through other sources and benefits can lessen if not eliminate ones eligibility for food stamps. In other words, it can best to get a direct increase in food stamps rather than an increase in monthly income.

In addition, if an individual’s income increase is great enough, one can lose Medicaid benefits. That can result in a loss of coverage for medical expenses that are covered under Medicaid. Medicaid coverage is substantially greater than Medicare coverage. Therefore if one needs financial assistance from the social services system, it is better to qualify for more help rather than less help.

New York State Local Social Services Departments

The Inconsistencies

Because of the inconsistencies within the social services system, it is important to learn how it works. A good place to start is with a social worker at a community senior center. Actually these professionals often schedule visits to senior residential facilities offering their services at no cost.

The NYC Department of Social Services

In addition, counties have facilities where individuals can learn about and apply for financial assistance. To find one, check on Google. In the Sources & Resources section below are links to several social services departments. They include New York State and counties within it.


Nassau County Department of Social Services
Suffolk County Department of Social Services
NYC Department of Social Services
Social Programs | The State of New York
New York State Local Departments of Social Services
Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA)


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Blue Zones Discovery


The Blue Zones Discovery may not be what people are being led to believe. This study was originally one of observation not one of cause and effect. Therefore it has caused some confusion.

Communities of people who compose Blue Zones did not set out to exceed average lifespans. Instead, the study showed that Blue Zones of people lives coincidently exceeded the average not always healthy lifespan. Let me continue to clarify this situation.

The Blue Zones Solution, Living and Eating Like the World’s Healthiest . . . .
The Study
A group of three men, primarily Dan Buettner conducted a study on the lifespans of people throughout the world. Where ever there were clusters of people who exceeded the average lifespan, especially centenarians, were circled in blue marker. For lack of a more original name, the name ‘Blue Zones’ was adopted. Therefore the discovery of blue zones was an exercise in observation. In conclusion, their existence became the foundation of the Blue Zones Discovery study.

1. Greece
Blue Zone, Ikaria, Greece from
What are ‘Blue Zones,’ and do they really hold the secrets to …
“For more than a decade, author Dan Buettner has been working to identify hot spots of longevity around the world. With the help of the National Geographic Society, Buettner set out to locate places that not only had high concentrations of individuals over 100 years old, but also clusters of people who had grown old without health problems like heart disease, obesity, cancer, or diabetes. His findings—along with easy steps you can take to live more like these cultures—can be found in his book, The Blue Zones Solution.”
blue-zone discovery
Blue Zone, Okinawa, Japan from

Location of world Blue Zones

Icaria: A small Greek island in the Aegean sea
Ogliastra, Sardinia: A region of an Italian island in the Mediterranean
Okinawa: An island off the coast of Japan
Nicoya Peninsula: A peninsula in eastern Costa Rica
The Seventh-day Adventists in Loma Linda: A community in the hilly valleys of California
3. Sardinia
Blue Zone, Sardinia from
The Blue Zones: The World’s Healthiest Populations from

Natural movement. Individuals living in Blue Zone regions engage in everyday physical activities, such as gardening, walking, and climbing hills and mountains.
Sense of purpose. One’s purpose in life, referred to as Ikigai in Okinawa and plan de vida in Nicoya (which translates to “why I wake up in the morning”), contributes to human longevity and overall health and well-being.”

4. California
Blue Zone, Loma Linda, California from
Stress management. Although stress is nearly impossible to avoid, chronic (long-term) stress can wreak havoc on the body. When left unaddressed, chronic stress may contribute to inflammation and certain health conditions, such as heart disease and depression.

5. Costa Rica
Blue Zone, Costa Rica from

80% rule. People in the Blue Zones tend to avoid overeating by eating until their stomachs are about 80% full. Many individuals also eat smaller meals throughout the day and abstain from eating late in the evening.”


Although we may be far from having a planet full of blue zones, studying the ones that already exist can be very helpful. Even though we cannot change certain characteristics of people’s lives and environments, there is much that can be done for the future.

Therefore in studying what man in harmony with his nature can create, there is hope that the overall well being of humans on the planet can improve resulting in many more blue zones of healthier, happy people.


What Are the Blue Zones
Blue Zones: Lessons From the World’s Longest Lived
Identification of a geographic area characterized by extreme longevity in the Sardinia island: the AKEA study
The Blue Zones: The World’s Healthiest Populations
“Blue Zones” Where the World’s Healthiest People Live
Blue Zone – Wikipedia
Why People in “Blue Zones” Live Longer Than the Rest of the World
History of Blue Zones – Blue Zones
5 Blue Zones Where People Live the Longest, Healthiest Lives …
6 Secrets to borrow from people who live the …
Dan A. Buettner
The Blue Zones: 9 Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who’ve Lived the Longest by Buettner D. Washington, DC: National Geographic Society; 2008.
The Blue Zones Solution: Eating and Living Like the World’s Healthiest People by Buettner D.. Washington, DC: National Geographic Society; 2015.


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The Gala Fresh Farms Deli


The Gala Fresh Farms supermarket deli in Baldwin, LI, NY now offers customers international and other freshly prepared gourmet foods. In fact, these new prepared foods are truly unique since other local community supermarkets do not carry them or other international gourmet type foods of this quality.

The deli section of the supermarket. Photo by Gala Fresh Farms.

Deli Department This department is managed by international cook Sumir (or Sammy) who started working at Gala Fresh about 6 months ago. He is Bedoin and speaks 6 languages. International cook Sumir has brought a unique, delicious addition to locally available prepared foods.


Included in these new deli specialities are superbly prepared international and traditional foods. Here are some of them.

Italian specialties: Made from natural rice, quality meats, cheeses, vegetable and sauce

Italian Arancini Rice balls photo from the
• rice balls
• eggplant parmigiana,
• breaded fried eggplant
• broccoli rabe with sausage

International specialties: made from whole grains, vegetable, and dried fruits

quinoa salad
Quinoa Salad, photo from the
• Quinoa salad
• Couscous salads

A variety of grilled vegetables: Made from fresh vegetables with a drizzle of oil

Argentina grilled eggplant by Ben Fink, photo from Global Grill Greats

• eggplant
• summer squash
• zucchini
• broccoli rabe
• red, orange, yellow, and green peppers

Traditional food: Made from the freshest ingredients
• old fashioned bread pudding

bread pudding
Bread pudding, photo from


Gala Fresh Farms, Baldwin, NY
Rice balls
Quinoa salad
Global Grill Greats
Bread pudding


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Types of Yogurt To Use in Recipes


Pictured here are the two types of yogurts I use. They are not the only brands that can be used.

There are two types of yogurt that I use in recipes.

For example, one is for preparing dense foods while the other is primarily for fermenting recipes for beverages. These types of yogurts are named full fat (strained) greek yogurt and (an unstrained) probiotic yogurt.
Trying to strain greek (strained) yogurt to make whey makes a mess.


Before I provide recipes for both types of yogurt, it is important to explain the necessity of which yogurt to use.

For example, straining the wrong type of yogurt can lengthen the process, waste yogurt as well as making a mess. In fact, the recipe may not work at all.

The reason is that greek yogurt is already strained yogurt. In fact that is one of its main properties. This photo shows the mess I made from trying to strain greek yogurt to make whey.


Dried edible flower petals

Yogurt Pudding with Edible Flower Petals. Transfer the contents of a container of greek yogurt into a serving container that has a cover. Remember, do not strain the yogurt.

Flavor enhancer: Add extracts to the yogurt like vanilla, almond or orange. In addition, add shaved chocolate to the top before serving.

Next, sprinkle the yogurt with edible flowers. this picture shows what they look like. In fact, they are easily found on Amazon. Before serving, cover the container and let the recipe sit.

Actually, while this treat is waiting to be served the edible flowers will blossom and become full petals again. Finally, you will be amazed at how beautiful it looks upon serving.

Greek yogurt with edible flower petals


Fermented Limeade or Lemonade This is one of my favorite summertime thirst quenchers. In fact, there is a bottled lemon and limeade that is so pure that I do not have to squeeze my own citrus. To prepare this recipe all that is necessary is to add whey to an almost full bottle. Just remove some juice to make room for the whey at the top.
Pictured here are the perfect bottled limeade to use, the perfect yogurt and how the whey should look.

Making Whey This is a process that requires carefully following the directions. This is when the type of yogurt used is crucial. Remember, use only unstrained yogurt. Above is a photo of the perfect bottled limeade, perfect yogurt, and the right whey.

Homemade limeade with a homemade label on the ideal bottle for fermented limeade for refrigeration.

Do not use greek yogurt. In fact, the reason is explained above. Use only unstrained yogurt. The whey made from unstrained yogurt should look like this picture once it is strained. It should be mostly clear. A bit of cloudiness at the bottom is acceptable.

The Finished Product This is most delicious refreshing fermented beverage. Once the fermentation process is complete, put the limeade is this type of bottle. Recycled grolsch beer bottles are perfect for the job. In fact, you don’t have to buy all that beer first. This type of bottle can be gotten new and reused online.


1. Q & A About Yogurt
2. O Sugar | Chobani Yogurt
3. Two Good©
4. Siggis Yogurt
5. Chobani Greek Yogurt
6. Stonyfield Probiotic Yogurt
7. History of Yogurt
8. A Short History of Yogurt
8. Yogurt from Britanica
9. TOP 5 Probiotic Yoghurt In The US – June 2023
10. Yes, Whey: How Yogurt’s Leftovers Are Getting a Second Life
11. How to Make Yogurt Cheese (and Where Do I Find Whey?)
12. 5 Ways to Make Fresh Whey (1 serving or a quart!)


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A Fabulous Furla Handbag


fabulous furla handbag
I have only found one Furla bags in person. In fact it is a round and fire engine red. It is similar to the one pictured here. Therefore, I had to have it.

My discovery of a Fabulous Furla Handbag is part of an interesting story. First of all, FURLA handbags were unknown to me. Not only that, I had no idea of its value. Most unusual was my introduction to this Furla bag. It was by coincidence that I found it when I attended a local community Thrift sale.

My First Furla I loved it, especially the unique round shape and bright color. First of all, it was fire engine red. Second of all, and rarely found, it was round. How rare is a round red handbag?! I had to have it.

History of Furla

That was the first time I heard of Furla. In fact, it was the only time for many years to come. When I did hear their name again, it was because I discovered a totally different kind of Furla bag online, such as the Jelly, Candy, and Re-Candy collections. In fact, they could not have been more different from their original rich leather predecessors that launched the company almost 100 years earlier in 1927 in Bologna Italy by Aldo Furlanetto.

Questions and Answers

Since much has changed since the founding of the wholesale leather goods company in 1927, a number of questions about Furla came to mind. Fortunately I found some answers in the article, Furla Bags-Handbag, Your Next Shoes

Question: Is Furla a luxury brand?
Answer: Yes, sort of. “One of the biggest debates around Furla is whether the brand falls into the ‘luxury’ category. It’s not on the same level as Gucci or Chanel, but it’s not at the level of Longchamp or Kate Spade.

Furla sits comfortably in the spot known as ‘accessible luxury’. While their bags won’t break the bank, they’re investment pieces that will last you a lifetime, with impeccable Italian craftsmanship.” Furla Bags-Handbag, Your Next Shoes

For example, these are accessible luxury bags more prestigious than Coach, let’s say, Kate Spade, and Dooney & Bourke, for example.
Luxurious Furla soft leather bags costing over $500.

Question:How Can you Tell if a Furla is a Fake?
Answer: 6 Best ways to identify fake Furla bags
“When we think of counterfeit bags, it’s usually top-tier luxury brands that jump to mind. The counterfeit or ’super fake’ market is larger than ever and becoming more prominent thanks to social media platforms like TikTok.

Brands at the attainable luxury price point are also finding themselves becoming victims of the counterfeiting industry. As a timeless brand with versatile designs, it’s no surprise that Furla has joined this list.

The best way to ensure that you’re purchasing a genuine Furla bag is to buy directly from the brand or an authorized stockist like Saks Fifth Avenue or Farfetch. If you’re planning to purchase a Furla bag pre-loved from a website or store, you want to know what signs to look out for.” Furla Bags-Handbag, Your Next Shoes

Second Generation Furla

There are actually two things that contribute to the collectability of Furla bags. The first is the Furla-Brand concept that was established when Aldo’s children Carlo, Paolo and Giovanna joined their father in the company. In fact, this was in the 1970s. Then the second aspect is part of the next generation which is described below.

Believed to be birthed in this century the Yellow school bag is a knockout.

The Next Generation

Question: What brought about the dramatic addition changing the style from solely traditional quality leather goods to include nylon and rubber?
Answer: This latest collection is attributed to Giovanna. It has actually breathed new, vibrant life into an already outstanding accessible luxury European handbag and accessories dynasty. Most importantly, this latest collection includes an emphasis on recyclability and sustainability. In fact, the fun Furla designs collection follows for viewing.

Furla Bloom Bag
Bloom bag
Made with a paperlike fabric and biodegradable from New Arrivals
Furla Candy Bag
A purple Furla Candy bag on

Furla Jelly Bag
Furla Mini Jelly
Great looking Furla Jelly Bag in light blue on

The Latest Furla

Furla Re•candy Bag The Furla Re•candy Bag is currently one of the hottest fashion statements amongst young and Gen z women. In addition, this new Re•candy is totally recyclable. This is all due to the fact that this fine leatherware company has also a growing focus on recyclability and sustainability.
Fabulous Furla Handbag
Furla-Re•candy exhibit at the 2022 Milan Fashion Week featured in a Town & Country article, photo courtesy of Furla.



1. Furla History
2. Furla: interesting facts about the brand
3. Furla-Wikipedia
4. Furla Bloom Bag
5. Furla’s Bloom Bag: Sustainable, Playful, and Intentional
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7. Furla Re•candy bag in every color on
8. The Handbag Italian Influencers Are Obsessed With
9. How To Spot Fake Furla Bags: Where To Buy Real Purses
10. Furla Spring-Summer 2023 – “Italy by Furla” campaign
11. Furla on Lyst
12. Purple Candy Bag on ebay


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Patent Leather Perfection


A pair of hot pink Oka b ballet shoes with a bow on the back from

Patent Leather Perfection is the name of my latest handbag discovery. In fact, it came about completely by accident. I was looking for details about a pair of hot pink Oka b ballet shoes.

Somehow I landed on Pinterest after searching on Instagram and there they were. Not the Oka b hot pink ballet shoes but a whole new collection of handbags.

Pink + Orange Matched to perfection, of course because I love pink. On Pinterest, I found a purse that fits into Patent Leather Perfection. Actually it’s a perfect match to the pink Oka b slip ons.

A pink + orange purse found on
Green + Pink Jelly Couture Pink Meadow Limited Edition Then I found another bag not only with pink but also in my favorite, popular color combination of green with pink.

Pink and Green Jelly Couture Pink Meadow Limited Edition on
Arcadia and Furla Round Bags Not only am I partial to certain color combinations but I also adore certain brands and shapes of handbags and shoes. Yes, Arcadia is one of them and Furla is the other. Both are unique to their brand. They’re round and both are part of patent leather perfection.

Here are two collectible round bags. One is an orange Arcadia. The other is a red Furla.

Speaking of Furla I found the most outrageous Furla bags on Pinterest. I adore them. In fact, I wish I could afford them. There is no coincidence that Furla named this style their jelly and candy collection.

A Furla handbag in red-white-and-blue from their jelly collection on


Oka b Hot Pink Ballet flats with back bow on Instagram
Patriotic colors Furla bag
Pink plus orange bag
Pink and Green Jelly Couture Pink Meadow Limited Edition
Arcadia orange round bag
Furla round red leather bag
Furla Pink + Purple Jelly
History of Furla Fashion

Furla | History, Trivia, All About


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The World of Okabashi Footwear for Women and Men


Okabashi footwear is a new addition to my wardrobe. Their company has a trilogy of design divisions which include the original Okabashi, Oka b and Third Oak. To my surprise, I actually found the basic Okabashi style at my local CVS store.

Whenever I discover a new product, I like to research it thoroughly. In this case, I found out what makes Okabashi footwear so unique. This discovery actually came as quite a surprise to me. Here’s why.
The introduction to the concept of Okabashi shoe for women and men from their website
In addition, discovering them was very exciting because there are three style themes to choose from not just the one basic type style. My introduction was initially to this basic Okabashi summer shoe. The reason was that I was looking for my summer minimal type shoe. Fortunately, I found two simple pairs at CVS my go to source for them.
Okabashi basic styles found at CVS, women’s cruise and breeze footwear
Oka b Continuing with my research, I discovered another style. At first, I thought it was discontinued but then I found this style both new on Amazon as well as new and second hand on Poshmark.

In fact, this style is my favorite. That’s because they are is most decorative and colorful. If I had the budget, I would buy them in many colors. Here are two that I love.

Two versions of the decorative Oka b style footwear from
Third Oak Ultimately, the third and final style in the trilogy of Okabashi footwear is their Third Oak Collection. Although the simplest, they are the sleekest and sophisticated of all even though they are flip flops. In addition they are available online as well as in higher end retail destinations. Here are examples of what they look like. By the way, some even include a dust bag.

Third Oak Scout flip flops in three of their color themes, Moss Gold, Toffee Copper, Blush Pearl


If their history and story interest you, I have included an abundance of sources and resources below. In fact, this is an award winning story of how one company survived adversity. In addition, their survival is part of a technical marvel. Okabashi not only eco-friendly, made in the USA, guaranteed for two years, machine washable and an affordable, attractive purchase.


NEWSLETTERS SUBSCRIBE MAIN STREET This Family Lost Its Footwear Company in the Iranian Revolution. Now, It Makes 1.2 Million Shoes a Year in Georgia
Award-Winning Georgia-Based Shoe Company Okabashi Brands Creates over 340 Jobs in Gwinnett County Through Major Onshoring
American-Made Shoe Company Okabashi Brands Inc. Expands; Adds Hundreds of Jobs in Gwinnett County
Okabashi Third Oak


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