Healthy food systems that are most in vogue today include raw, vegan, prebiotic, and probiotics foods as well as indoor farming technologies to grow them.

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A flyer from Alison*s EAT FREE with the recipe for Soothing ginger tea using ‘Annie’s Ginger Elixir’
Healthy food, delicious cooking, and nutritious beverages have been my inspiration for decades. What healthy food systems consist of have evolved dramatically over the years. Even today there is no one system that is the gold standard for healthy eating.

As a matter of fact, quite the opposite is the case. Current healthy food systems even contradict each other. Some recommend carbohydrates while others like the Keto diet require abstinence. Then there are healthy food systems from decades ago that have all but disappeared. For instance, Macrobiotics was once the rage in alternative diets. But today, it is primarily unknown.

Indoor Farming
The world is filled with food deserts and food scarcity also known as food insecurity. There is not just one solution that everyone agrees upon. As a result, sources for food growth independence were born. This link is to one of these healthy systems, Bowery Farming. When I became an Indoor Farmer, I was able to incorporate a whole new field into my food resources.
This Is What a More Sustainable Food System Looks Like

This is what a more sustainable food system looks like from
Here is a link from Fitsri for the correlating description of the second or sacral chakra from the Eastern perspective. It provides the ability to experience sexuality, creativity, and pleasure from the root chakra providing sustenance to the body.

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