INTRODUCTION: The Alison D. Gilbert Website


There are opportunities here to both learn about and to view the legacy of my decades of career specialties. Since my work history has been multi-faceted, this learning website offers a number of topics for viewers to learn about. My intention is to spark the viewer’s desire to explore these topics. I hope readers find them as fascinating as I have over my decades of dedicated effort.
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Seven topics are presented in this learning website. Each topic has a correlation to the Chakra system. My purpose in doing this is to compare each Western educational projects with its Eastern counterpart. In other words, this site presents both a Western and Eastern perspectives to the seven topics.

learning website


A learning website examines records and narratives as learning tools. The transition from a past times to a more recent time are part of the story. In a similar way, the spiritual progression reflects times of paradigm shifts. In fact, paradigm shifts take place in cultures. This makes the parallels between cultural changes and spirituality shifts integrated. The topics page goes into more detail about this.
My content is based on the study of my lifelong passions. Since many of my studies led to my professions, they contribute to this being a learning website. One topic has been the foundation of my personal life for 50 years. It is the study of consciousness through meditation. In fact, consciousness is the foundation and the pinnacle of all the other topics explored in this website.
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The seven topics of this learning website are on the following pages. They are entitled Topics. Next is my favorite section, Blog Posts
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