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The twofold website of Alison D. Gilbert serves the following purposes. First the numerous disciplines that composed my career are documented. Then there are timely stories or blog posts where I explore in depth and expand upon my professional topics and ongoing passions.
In other words, this website is my one-room-schoolhouse consisting of the seven topics that have been included in my career and have been my passions for decades. (To be specific, they are listed below the one room schoolhouse image from Pinterest.)
A one room schoolhouse in Michigan found on Pinterest, (educational communities then and now).
To be specific, the topics I have specialized in during my multi-faceted career that are available on this website are:
Finance & Survival
Healthy Food, Beverages & Indoor Farming
Decorative Art & Design
Entertainment & Education
Health & Healing
Digital Technology

Ikigai is a Japanese term for one life purpose. This is a poster from
MISSION/IKIGAI My mission also known as my Ikigai or life’s purpose is the essence of this website and blog. Specifically it is to educate, entertain, and share with readers my seven areas of career specialty. In addition it is to explore how they relate to my ongoing passion about them.

As a learning tool, this site is also a document for the historically minded. This is because I chronicle decades of specializing in a multitude of career disciplines.
As a result, my goal is to educate viewers by encouraging them to study these topics. I truly hope readers find them as fascinating as I have over my decades of dedicated effort.
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A documenting website records information as learning tools. As such, the transition from a past times to a more recent time are part of the story. In a similar way, the spiritual progression reflects times of paradigm shifts. In fact, paradigm shifts take place in cultures. This makes the parallels between cultural changes and spirituality shifts integrated. The topics page goes into more detail about this.
Contents are based on my lifetime of passionate interests. Naturally, many of these endeavors led to my diverse profession. Therefore they are the contents of the Alison D. Gilbert website.
As such, they contribute to this being a documenting website. One topic has been the foundation of my personal life for 50 years. It is the study of consciousness through meditation. In fact, consciousness is the foundation and the pinnacle of all the other topics explored in this website.
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The seven topics of this learning website are on the following page and its subpages. These are entitled Topics. After that is my favorite section, my Blog. Then there are the links to my Social Media pages.