My website contents flow from the introductory welcome, through my thought process, the history of my research and activities, to my ultimate goal, a directory of consumer resources. In other words, my website is an in-depth journey flowing from my welcome through my thought process or my blog, to my careers and then onto my goal, the DIRECTORY OF RESOURCES. This directory is an online collection of resources for consumers with many interests that are either practical and/or creative. The included products and services may be available either locally (to you) or on the Internet everywhere. Because of the organic nature of internet information, this directory continues to grow, albeit slowly but exponentially.

website contents
The visual representation of the flow of information begins with the website welcome and leads to the ultimate focus of this website, The Directory of Resources with all the steps or pages in between. The page links can be accessed at the top and bottom of each page.

My website contents are the result of many years of research as well as resulting products and services. In fact, I have included decades of activities. As a result, I list them in this chronological flow swirl image:
Blog posts I have written about the areas researched over many years of study. My blog has posts dating back to 2013.or my blog
eBooks I have published. My eBooks go back to our experience in becoming ‘One Day From Homeless’ in 2009.
Current activities. These are in areas that were professions and continue as hobbies and passions of mine.
Past entrepreneurial ventures. These existed over a period of numerous decades.
My story which explains and chronicals all of my professions, promotional, educational, and creative activities.
Directory resource products and services are organized in the following categories: FINANCIAL & SURVIVAL | FOOD & HEALING | ART & DESIGN | SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING & SOCIAL ISSUES.