The primary website purpose of The Website & Writing of Alison D. Gilbert, Resource Maven is to provide information culminating in a Directory of Resources. But first, it is necessary to define what a Resource Maven is. Next how a Resource Maven gathers information must be explained. Then the disciplines the maven has researched and gained a good deal of knowledge in can be presented in a Directory of Resources. This is how information is made available to inquirers through this website.

website purpose
The topics in this Directory of Resources have been gathered from my experience in current vocational activities as well as based on research from my past professions, social media marketing, art & design, food & farming, health & natural healing, survival & finance

A Resource Maven

A Resouce Maven is someone who demonstrates expertise and strong familiarity with a body of knowledge or discipline(s). In addition, this person tends to demonstrate a strong passion for these topics and a length of time having gotten to know about them.

A Directory of Resources

A directory of resources is a collection (manual or digital) of these topics. It includes a list as well as details about them. For example, the disciplines presented here are listed below. In addition, they can be located through the resource directory link.

Website Pages

The website pages include research and information in these bodies of knowledge:
social media marketing
art & design
food & farming
health & natural healing
survival & finance



The secondary website purpose is to present information about my past professions as well as current activities. The reason I do this is to demonstrate the depth of knowledge I have gained in my areas of expertise to become a Resource Maven. In fact, my love of research and gaining information inspired me to go in this direction. As a professional and a retired person, I study my topics in depth and in great detail before I present them as facts.