INTRODUCTION: Culture Through History


The intention of this website is to spark a viewer’s desire to learn More. That is, to learn more about the seven topics (projects) covered here. Towards this end, culture is presented historically with a spiritual foundation.

To be specific, the seven website topics are listed directly below. Then to go into detail, I’ve included a Chakra correlation diagram to correlate my projects with their spiritual context.






I am a cultural historian with a spiritual bent. The reason a Chakra correlation diagram is included is to show that the topics covered here coincidently flow like energy up and through the seven chakras. This establishes the fact that my topics that are cultural and historical in nature are supported by spiritual principles.

Essentially, cultural history examines records and narratives from the past to current matter. It does this by encompassing the continuum of events (occurring in succession and leading from the past to the present and even into the future) pertaining to a culture. (paraphrased from Stick around. This will make more sense as one visits the pages and posts that follow.


cultural historian
My Directory of Resources with topics that have been my life long pursuits and passions

Much of my information is based on the study of my lifelong passions.

Coincidently, many of my studies led to my professions. One topic has been the foundation of my personal life for 50 years, the study of consciousness through meditation.

In fact, consciousness is the foundation and the pinnacle of all the other topics explored in this website.




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A brief video introducing myself when I was a marketing consultant, in essence years before I became a cultural historian.