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Alison D. Gilbert



“Be Careful Of The Maven In The Hat . . .

Who is this Maven in the Hat anyway? This hyper-energetic woman from New York? She’s an inventive marketer, one who will stir you up. If you want complacency, if you want the old-style, do-nothing marketing… then run from her – she definitely is NOT your kind of person. But if you want some new out of the box ideas, she’s the one for you.
Charlie Seymour, Jr. Main Line Philadelphia, PA

“I have always been amazed at how most people don’t get the basics… the difference is in the details! This is a business run by an individual that pays attention to the details, that’s what builds a relationship and makes the difference…”
Basil Puglisi, Owner of Digital Ethos, Long Island, NY

“I’ve worked with Alison for almost 20 years whenever I’m at a business crossroads and need (her) expertise in small business to vent to. She is wonderful to brainstorm with and continues to help me build exciting new ventures with strong foundations. Her creative talents complement an inquisitive and grounded nature, a fabulous combination for a consultant! And, her fees are reasonable.”
Eileen Lichtenstein, Owner of Balance and Power, Long Island, NY