Beware Online Fuel

Online fuel is a code name for all the quick energy, high carbo loading food we consume when we are glued to our computers for 12 hours + a day.

Online fuel are foods that we can quickly grab out of the frig, freezer or kitchen cabinet. We can heat them in a micro wave; popcorn is the best example. It suffices to say that short of the take out order of pizza or Asian food, online fuel is not the most balanced food program.

Our featured image is courtesy of TechCrunch and their article, Don’t Let Your Company’s Scale Tip Your Bathroom Scale. Just the title pretty well says it all.

Here’s a parable from Instagram that tells the story of how they changed their eating habits and exercise routines after their acquisition by Facebook. Having a billion dollars sure can take of the pressure and desire to consume online fuel while glued to the technological ball and chain for endless hours.

In future posts, we will explore more ways to overcome the online fuel obsession. Decreasing hours chained to a computer may be a different addiction to deal with. So we will focus on one thing at a time.

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