Bless Bhutan

Blessings from Bhutan in becoming 100% organic production

Bless Bhutan, a tiny nation in the the mountainous amphitheatre of the Himalayas. Bhutan Prime Minister, Jigmi Thinley has declared that Bhutan is to become the first 100% organic agricultural producing nation on the planet. This is a blessing, an outstanding example and hopefully a motivation for the rest of the globe to follow suit.


Bless Bhutan thanks to Prime Minister Jigmi Thinley
Bhutan Prime Minister Photo Jigmi Thinley. Photo credit:

To quote an article from, “Last month the Prime Minister, Jigmi Thinley told his government he is developing a National Organic Policy because the country’s farmers are increasingly convinced that ‘by working in harmony with nature, they can help sustain the flow of nature’s bounties.’”

Bhutan is a producer of rice, corn, beans, potatoes and oranges. It’s red beans are distributes to Whole Foods, one of the largest US health food retailers. The term, made in Bhutan, may soon become synonymous with 100% organic. In frightening contrast to this uplifting news, is what is going on in the US with the increasing number of ‘frankenfoods’. This is a nickname for the nightmare of GMO foods that have been shown to cause cancer in rats. It is only a matter of time before the detrimental human effects will be able to be proven.

Bless Bhutan for not allowing GMO soybeans
GMO Soybeans Image Credit: Ryan McVay/Digital Vision/Thinkstock

The increasing death rate in the bee population is of grave concern to environmentalists. This is an indicator of an imbalance in nature that threatens the process of pollination, natures way of producing its bounty. Nature’s ability to reproduce is being threatened by the take over of GMO food and pesticides. GMO food is at war with nature. The goal of this war is two-fold: to make natural, healthy production of food extinct and for corporations to control food production and food characteristics.

Bless Bhutan
Bhutan Prime Minister Thinley being received by other world leaders. Photo credit:

Who knows how long it will take for Prime Minister Thinley’s plan to become a reality. How much benefit can the food stuffs from a nation of 700,000 have on a planet of 7.093 billion people who need to be fed? The primary considerations are, will other nations follow suit? If they do, will we be able to stop the growing Global (food producing) Monster Organizations? Only time will tell.

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Sterile Seeds Are Replacing Heirloom Seeds

heirloom rainbow chard

Heirloom seeds have become an endangered species because sterile seed are replacing heirloom seeds.

Not long ago, people had seeds from one planting season to the next. It was nature’s gift to man. Seeds came from grown food to grow food for the next year. Now it is different. GMO seeds are sterile. No new seeds come from their crops. Farmers become dependent upon corporations such as Monsanto to supply them with expensive seeds every year.

There is also grave concern about the foods that result from GMO seeds and the potential manmade monster meals they create. Nature used to provide abundantly, naturally and healthfully. In trying to outsmart Mother Nature, ‘Man-santo’ and other corporate giants may very well outsmart himself.

Daily, new incidences of the horrors of GMO plants and foods surface. The epidemic of Indian suicides is probably the most distressing. Farmers in India are being convinced that Monsanto’s GMO cotton will deliver greater yield. Thus they will gain greater profits. The opposite is happening.

Heirloom seeds
‘Bitter Seeds’ film exposes epidemic of Indian farmer suicides. Photo credit: AP/Anupam Nath

Farmers are going into debt to buy sterile GMO seeds. They do not regenerate from year to year. They require a great deal of water which is often unavailable. In addition, certain pesticides become essential. They are costly. The small business farmer can not afford either the GMO seeds nor the pesticides. Debt results. Because debt is not passed on to the family upon a death, the farmer decides that suicide is his only option.

Fields of wheat in Oregon were supposed to be GMO free. They were found to contain it when the wheat refused to die when Monsanto’s herbicide RoundUp did not kill the wheat. It resisted it. The Zombie GMO wheat has resulted in Japan and Korea canceling orders of soft white wheat for fear of GMO contamination.This is economically disastrous for US farmers. Where again is the benefit from using GMO seed rather than heirloom seeds?

Heirloom seeds
Monsanto baffled by reappearance of GMO ‘zombie wheat’ in Oregon. Photo Credit:

Despite these examples of potential world economic disaster, big agribusiness companies like Monsanto continue to produce GMO seeds. Major corporations are producing them, congratulating themselves for it and the government is going along for the ride.
heirloom seeds
The World Food Prize, Brought to You by Monsanto. Photo Credit: bioraven/Shutterstock, ADM, John Deere, Cargill, Monsanto

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