POLL: Abrahams or Rice for Fourth District Dem Nomination?

Democrats Kevan Abrahams and Kathleen Rice will square off next week in the primaries. Who will win?

Source: fivetowns.patch.com

My comment, "This has become a real easy decision for me. My gut instinct said Kevan for Congress from the start. Everything I have read and witnessed confirms that. This is a man of the people and for the people. He is not a ‘political animal’ with an agenda for climbing the ladder. He comes from his heart. He is honorable, trustworthy, dedicated, has a good personal reputation and political background serving Long Island in the NC Legislature.
He has agreed several times to debate his opponent, Kathleen Rice. She has refused. Why? Is she hiding something. NO, I realized. She does not have the decency to even acknowledge Kevan as her opponent. She is already going after Bruce Blakeman (R-LB) as if they have won the primaries, ignoring their opponents. ‘Humility and dedication’ versus ‘hubris and self-interest’ describe the Democratic primary candidates, Kevan Abrahams and Kathleen Rice. I am sure you will agree. This primary is a ‘no-brainer’. Kevan Abrahams for Congress in the 4th CD of Nassau County, LI, NY. Vote Tuesday, June 24th, 2014."

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