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Alison D. Gilbert
Alison D. Gilbert, still filled with passions and ideas
The purpose of my WEBSITE is to guide aspiring entrepreneurs from their passions to a profession. This website:

• provides a ‘roadmap’ to use to direct one’s passions
• illustrates the process of flow from passion to profession
• helps aspiring entrepreneurs to discover a ‘purpose in life’

The purpose of my BLOG is to:

• stimulate ideas by sharing my passions, interests and concerns
• respond to comments and explore these thoughts
• encourage ongoing dialogue with interested readers



THE PROCESS is the journey one takes to realize a professional entity from a passion, in other words to discover one’s purpose. The diagram below identifies PURPOSE in ‘red’ as the fulfillment or intersection of the PROCESS of the four intersections, PASSION, MISSION, VOCATION, PROFESSION.

Purpose for Being From
Purpose for Being and The Process to Discover It From
















THE PROCESS involves the steps one takes towards manifesting an entrepreneurial ventures. This process is meant to work for all pursuits guided by a natural flow from a passion towards a profession resulting in its deepest value and greatest joy, in other words, filled with a sense of PURPOSE in one’s life (indicated by the red square in the chart above).


Each journey towards a profession starts with a passion. Over the three plus decades spanning my business enterprises, I have had several passion filled endeavours. Each followed the same path:
• PASSION-I had a special skill for it
• MISSION-I loved doing it and wanted to do it for more than just my own pleasure
• VOCATION-There was a need for it
• PROFESSION-I produced an income doing it

Each piece flowed spontaneously from one phase to another of the four-fold process giving me an ecstatic sense of a purpose in life as well as an experience of wellbeing.


Each venture, project or entity has a unique mission.
A mission always followed this formula:
• WHO does WHAT for WHOM and WHY

I offered a service or provided a product to particular individuals who had a need for it. This either helped them increase their business or improve their health and well being.


Each endeavor that one pursues as more than a hobby goes into the phase of being a vocation, something that one is called to do:
• There may or may not be financial compensation
• It is something one feels drawn to do with or without financial compensation


Over the decades, I have had a variety of entrepreneurial ventures in a number of disciplines. My process has always followed the roadmap laid out above. My intention here is to show others how to use this process by example:
• Do something one has a passion for
• Have a mission and a skill at it
• Fill an existing need in some aspect of life or the world
• Develop an income producing profession