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Welcome to The ALISON D. GILBERT Website & Blog
The purpose of my WEBSITE is to:

• provide a ‘road map’ for readers to use in exploring their passions and the process involved in establishing a business venture
• chronicle my passions’ process to their destination as examples for others to learn about, follow and benefit from

The purpose of my BLOG is to:
• share my current passions and concerns
• dialogue with people who also feel these are important topics
• receive comments on my blog posts, contacts on my website
• explore comments and contacts to discuss what readers value



THE PROCESS is how one can realize a professional entity from a passion. The diagram below identifies PURPOSE as the fulfillment of the PROCESS of the four intersections, PASSION, MISSION, VOCATION, PROFESSION.

THE PROCESS IS A ROADMAP FOR ANY PROFESSION and the steps I have taken to manifest each of my own entrepreneurial ventures. These are by no means the only professions that this system can manifest. It is meant to work for all pursuits guided by a natural flow from a passion to a profession resulting in its deepest value and greatest joy, in other words, feeling a sense of PURPOSE in one’s life.

Purpose for Being From
Purpose for Being From
















Over the three plus decades spanning my business enterprises, I have had several passion filled endeavours that travelled the path from having an idea that I was passionate about. Each travelled through the various stages to becoming a professional. I loved every endeavour, excelled at what I was doing, filled a specific need and when I was able to get paid for my services or products, they became professional endeavours. Most importantly, each one flowed spontaneously through all phases of the four-fold process, diagramed above, giving me an ecstatic sense of having a sense of purpose and wellbeing, ikigai. You can achieve this, too.


Each venture, project or entity has a unique mission. Each of my ventures has had its own mission.
The mission for this website is to:
• share how passionate ideas can become viable business ventures that give meaning and sustenance to one’s life
• provide information, inspiration and support to aspiring entrepreneurs on how to become business owners using these principles
• demonstrate my process in creating my professional entities

“That moment when you know you’re doing the right thing . . . .” This is known in Japanese as Ikigai, or one’s purpose for being. It is the reason one wakes up in the morning or one’s life purpose. Three of the diagrams shown here focus on this purpose using the traditional concept of ‘Ikigai’. They are essentially the same. I find a hint of spirituality in the term ‘Ikigai’ that the word ‘purpose’ seems to lack.


A vocation is something that one is driven to do that the world needs. It may or may not be able to provide financial compensation. But it is something one feels that one must do either way.


Over the decades, I have had a variety of entrepreneurial ventures in a number of disciplines. My process has always followed the roadmap laid out above. My intention here is to show others how to use this process to:
• do something one has a passion for and that is meaningful
• fill a need that exists in some aspect of life or the world
• become a professional and earn an income
• cause no harm to oneself, others or the planet

Your Ikigai is the life you were born to live. Basically it’s the life of your dreams from The Ikigai Mastermind
Your Ikigai is the life you were born to live.
Basically it’s the life of your dreams from The Ikigai Mastermind