Installation Art Projects



What is installation art? Do art installations interest you? Without intention, I have created several art installation projects. Read about them in this blog post.

installation art
My collection of vintage enamel kitchenware is too old and fragile to use. As a decorative collection, it becomes installation art.
Because I have collected and created so many small to medium sized 3D objects, I have had several options of what to do with them:
1. Box them for storage
2. organized them in bigger collectibles
2. Sell them
3. Display them individually
4. Use thm
5. Create art installation projects.
In this post, I focus on the fifth option, installation art. In fact the only way everything I collect and love has a home is because I create art installations of them.


installation art
A Wall of Purses are gems individually and an art installation as a group

If I can’t resist, I can still take these purses off the wall and wear them one at a time. But I would rather look at them all at one time.


I love to wear hats. Over a century ago, when all women wore hats that were very fashionable and voluminous at that. Care and storage were a challenge. Hat boxes were essential, indeed. But they took up so much room. Those hats did not need to be part of art installations. They were installations, themselves.
My Great Grandmother Annie Laber (1877-1935) in her finery.

So I created a new take on accessible hat storage and selection. This way I can choose at a moments notice which to wear for the day and which to hang up. But let’s go back just for a moment to over a century ago to what my Great Grandmother Annie Laber wore when she wore her finery.

installation art
Here’s a place to hang your hats when you’re not wearing them but you want to show them off. This was originally a plant stand.

Imagine this ten time bigger and an installation one could walk around and even enter like a magic bus.

Irresistible small items that imagine themselves into a mini installation.

When I start to gather these mini treasures, then put them together, I never know what whimsy will emerge.

This piece started as a small metal box, was decorated with whatever I could gather at the time. it is so much fun.

I wish I could make it ten times bigger. Imagine the size of a real magic bus big enough to sit it, enjoy the song magic bus, and capture to true meaning of an art installation.





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My Designer Purse Gems


Selecting My Gems
My designer purse gems were not difficult for me to select from my rather large collection of favorite designer and style bags. Some are on my studio wall to provide a decorative view of this room. Others decorate my bedroom, and the rest are housed in their own cabinet. Four of my designer purse gems are featured in this blog post. Indeed these four are my favorites even though I have many others that I love.

For example, I own about a dozen Coach bags. These and others purses are the ones that serve as decoration on my studio wall. They are all still usable as pocketbook. They are truly my designer purse gems.

designer-purse gems
This wall displays most of my Coach Bag collection as well as others and is the view on my studio wall
My Gems
From the above and other purses that I have collected, there are four that are the absolute gems. The images below or either from my own collection or from the companies themselves. How I wish you could see them and touch them. Maybe one day, they will all be in a design museum or a handbag collection in a interdisciplinary one. Museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Museum of Modern Art, also in New York and The Smithsonian in Washington D.C. Then you will able to see them in person.

design purse gems
These are pictures of the bags that I posses or similar ones to my own. From left to right, Coach original Wills bag, new Coach Willis 18 bag, Dooney & Bourke teton bag, and the Furla round bag.
Public Gems
Did you know that there are other museums that do house outstanding everyday objects of superior design? Well, there are. Even though some of my bags are design to last ‘forever’, I hope that as many people as possible will be able to enjoy them by experiencing them. Then my designer purse gems, will be your design purse gems, too.
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All Weather Leather Bags


all-weather leather
The banner for Dooney & Bourke All Weather leather bags blog.

the famous vintage style ‘All Weather Leather’ duck bag is captured here.
Acquiring an ‘all weather leather’ Dooney & Bourke bag started my collection. That is because a D & B bag was the ideal way to dress on rainy days and fun vintage bag days. So began my collecting. But it did not last forever.

Although this company had it purse beginnings in all weather leather, it have moved on to other styles and materials. When they moved on, I moved on as well.

But their all weather leather is still my favorite Dooney & Bourke. That’s why I want to focus this post on ‘their duck bag’.

Their original styles can sometimes be found on sites like ebay and Pinterest


The bag shown below is similar to the very first one I ever owned. It was my first step into designer bags. From there, my story continues.

A New Vintage Dooney & Bourke Handbag found on ebay


As I mentioned, my first love was Dooney & Bourke. Coach had not introduced vibrant color yet. Therefore I gravitated to the colorful ‘all weather leather’ that caught my eye when I began collecting. Because of the vibrant, colorful design of all the bags I bought, the one below has always been my favorite. It was the teton bucket purse style.

I found so many picture of ‘All Weather Leather’ Bags when I was researching this post. To be thorough, I am including this image from ebay.

vintage leather
Images of some of the Dooney & Bourke vintage bags that are available on ebay.



History of Dooney & Bourke

To learn more about vintage Dooney & Bourke ‘all weather leather, visit the D & B Blog.

D & B AWL care

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Traveling Coach Style is a very fun and pleasant ways to coordinate a purse with an outfit. As a connoisseur of fine leatherware, I gifted myself a new purse each birthday for many years. In fact, the brand has either been a Coach or a Dooney & Bourke.
traveling Coach style
Above is the blurb about Coach on their Yahoo page. Note the Coach logo in the top right

Each company has a long history of quality leather goods. Although they both use primarily leather and fabric, their results are uniquely recognizable. So whether one is ‘traveling coach style’ or in ‘all weather leather’, with these products, it is always with fashion in mind.
traveling coach style
The original logo of a duck representing the Dooney & Bourke brand of all weather leather.

I have not always been able to afford the latest and newest creation of my favorite leather goods. Since our budget has changed dramatically in recent years, I have become a frequenter of thrift stores. I am always on the lookout for great buys. In this category I have found many.
traveling coach style
Rebag is newest, hippest, most affordable ways to acquire re(used) luxury handbags.

In fact, I recently discovered Rebag, re(used) purses that are not just for the shabby. They are very chic but less expensive than to buy them new.

For your viewing pleasure, future posts about this topic will feature pictures of great designs, colorful bags, and some of my very own favorites. Keep reading these fun fashion posts, to find out my most desired bag for my upcoming birthday.

Learn how I developed in detail a system of responsible and profitable credit cards use to make such purchases. There is a very affordable collection of Amazon Ebooks that I wrote that will teach you how to use credit cards responsibly and profitably.

Here’s are illustrations of early Coach bags. When was the Coach Company founded and who designed their early bags?
To answer this Coach quiz question, ‘when was the Coach Company founded and who designed their early bags’?, or comment on this post, scroll to the very bottom of the page and engage in Disqus. If you do not find Disqus, click on the ‘continue reading’ box on the right hand side to reveal it.


Coach – The Early Years

Bonnie Cashin

First Dibs on Bags

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Superior Home Entertainment Activities



Superior home entertainment activities have become my favorite social distancing pastime during the COVID pandemic. In order for me to participate in this luxury of domestic and foreign films, series, and documentaries, I need the following:
1. entertainment equipment (a computer or smart TV)
2. streaming venue subscriptions
3. access to individual films and series

Details about equipment may be featured in a post at some future date. But this post focuses specifically on information about streaming venues. It highlights individual films, series, and actors, especially. Therefore, a group of our favorite entertainment selections happens to be the primary focus of this blog post.


superior home entertainment
Samsung Neo QLED
In fact, I was reminded of this when I posted about home entertainment on my my Facebook page recently. I wrote, “What’s on my mind this morning? Did you know that my husband, Phillip Jacobs and I are huge film and TV drama series fans?” We even have a Facebook page devoted to this topic, Streaming Choices by Alison. Now we offer this blog post, too.



Our two primary venues are Netflix and Prime. Occasionally, we will watch something on Youtube or stumble upon another streaming venue.
superior home entertainment
The Netflix and Prime logos


As part of this new pastime, many of our choices are off the beaten path of mainstream entertainment. For this reason, they may not be foremost in your memory. Actually, some actors and selections may be unknown to regular movie goers. To me, this is what makes our topic fun, even unique. As a result, choices may expose readers to a whole new world of superior home entertainment options. Immediately below is a montage of non-clickable links.
superior home entertainment
This is a montage of unlinked images of our current selections of superior home entertainment choices. Clickable links are available from individual entries.



1. Best Romantic Film-Silver Linings Playbook
2. Best Cultural Series-UnOrthodox
3. Best Nouveau Noir Film-LA Confidential
4. Best Traditional Noir Film-Laura
5. Best Classic Comedy-My Man Godfrey
6. Best Classic Comedy-Sullivan’s Travels
7. Favorite Actor-Oscar Isaac
8. Favorite Actress-Rita Hayworth
9. Favorite Foreign Actor-Omar Sy
10. Best Foreign Mystery Romance Series-Black Money Love
11. Lifetime Achievement Award-James Gandolfini
There are clickable Youtube samples below. They include trailers and parts from each of our favorite selections.



1. Best film Silver Linings Playbook with Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence



2. UnOrthodox with Shira Haas, Best Foreign Actress



3. Best film (nouveau noir) LA Confidential, Russell Crowe, Tim Basinger

4. Best Film (traditional noir) Laura with Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews



5. Best Classic Comedy My Man Godfrey with William Powell, Carole Lombard


6. Best Classic Comedy Sullivan’s Travels with Joel McCrea, Veronica Lake



7. Favorite Actor Oscar Isaac


8. Favorite Actress Rita Hayworth (1918-87)


9. Favorite Foreign Actor Omar Sy



10. Favorite Dizi (Turkish Drama) BLACK MONEY LOVE aka Kara Para Aşk and Best Actors

Engin Akyürek and Tuba Büyüküstün



11. Lifetime Acting Achievement Award James Gandolfini
Although best known by far for his award winning role in the Sopranos, Down the Shore, is a little known film that we found very appealing. The story itself will surprise you.



So, there you have it. Some of our favorites. Their inclusion has no rhyme or reason. In fact, we just love them. To illustrate their diversity, we have included American selections and International selections. Besides that, there are contemporary choices and classic choices. As you can see, our choices are from a broad range of options.

If you have others favorites, please let me know in the comments area at the very bottom of this post. But remember this, please do not labor over your choices. In fact, you should be spontaneous. In other words, from the heart not the intellect. Mention just the ones you love.

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Butcher ‘rock star’ Jonel Picioane proudly poses in his Ridgewood European Pork Store for The Bushwick Daily. The is located in Ridgewood Queens since the 1930’s. This write up is for The Bushwick Daily.


The Ridgewood European Pork Store transcends modern-day food. It is, in fact, an endangered species. It is located in what was originally an eastern European neighborhood. Amazingly, the store was born in the 1930s with very few changes in ownership and products.

The Ridgewood European Pork Store looking similar to the way it did when it first opened in the 1930s. Photo from Yelp.


Technically homemade meat products like it had in 1930s US and Europe fill much of the store today. Artisan is the new name that has been given to this type of food. This term represents foods made in small batches, made often for freshness, and traditionally-prepared to taste as it originally did. Artisan is a new word for old-time goodness. Here is a definition for artisan food from Wikipedia


There is an entire movement of Artisan Food. We crave food the way it used to taste, free of preservative for long shelf lives. We want it homemade with a focus on quality, not quantity, wrapped in butcher paper, not vacuum sealed plastic-wrapped. There was time when speed of preparation rather than taste was the priority. But things have changed. We want slow food. We want to go back in time.


Owner Jonel , the rockstar butcher, at work at his butcher shop. Photo from The Bushwick Daily.


I haven’t had a chance to visit the European Pork Store yet. But it is on my list of things I want very much to do. Even though I am not much of a world traveler, I love to travel the world and its history within my own world.

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Cinema sex is at an all-time high. In fact, the US has established ratings to inform film viewers of the degree of sex to expect. This post will explore four degrees of cinema sex:
1. no sex or G-rated
2. some sexuality or GP-rated
3. a lot of sex or R-rated
4. almost explicit sex or between R-rated and X-rated



Countries review sex at the cinema differently. For example, Turkey is technically tightening its guidelines. Only kissing on the cheek is considered proper for unmarried couples. Clearly, for anyone who is a fan of Turkish dizis, this guideline is not strictly enforced. In fact, it causes much controversy on and off screen.

In Kara Para Ask, lead actors Omer and Elif do participate in some discrete but steamy sexual scenes.

I am a new viewer of Korean series. My introduction, 100 Days My Prince, is totally discreet. But I am not sure if this is because this is for G rated audiences or this is the nature of Korean cinema in general.

Won Deck and Hong Sim must marry due to a decree from the crown prince.

In its beginning, this series depicts Ultra-Orthodox Judaism at its strictest. Streaming series overflow with fascinating sagas that are obscure to many Christian and even secular Jews. In this genre, there is no touching before marriages which are usually arranged. There are many rules and restrictions. For members of the various ultra-Orthodox groups, structure, security, and a strong sense of community are integral. For others, like Esty the heroine of Unorthodox this life is unbearable. For Etsy, this streaming sage dwells on transition from observance rather that observance to the laws. The trailer is shown below.

United States

In the US, R- rated TV and movies are so commonplace that they are barely more than scenery. This is the case in the prime example of a Netflix streaming series, @Spinning Out. A short video of the skating pair, Kat and Justin is shown below.

Great Britain

As Kat and Justin skate a very fine line to ice skating victories in Spinning Out, the cast of @Bridgerton, the latest steamy drama filmed in Britain walks a shockingly fine line between R-rated and X-rated.

Out in ‘The Season’, Lord Simon Hastings and Daphne Bridgerton make an impressive couple to all in attendance.


In conclusion, I wish to pose these questions to my readers. Do you agree with the ratings I have given each series? Are you comfortable with the amount of sex or sexual suggestiveness in each series? If not what would you like to see done differently?


BRIDGERTON ‘Bridgerton’ fans are criticizing showrunners for including a controversial rape scene and failing to address the lack of consent

UNORTHODOX I left the Satmar Hasidic community. ‘Unorthodox’ is a grossly inaccurate depiction of that world.

SPINNING OUT Spinning Out Season 2 Cancelled ? | Release Date

100 DAYS MY PRINCE Everything You Need to Know About the Cast of ‘100 Days My Prince’

BLACK MONEY LOVE Review ~ Black Money Love (Kara Para Ask)

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A Holiday Homework Assignment Is Reminiscent of Our Favorite Family Tradition, Part One



Thanks to a holiday homework assignment my great-nephew Westley got, our family has revived its memories of our favorite family traditions, decades of Thanksgiving dinners together.


Westley, my brother’s grandson was given an assignment for his grandpa to write about his favorite childhood holiday. No hands down, it was Thanksgiving. We had the best Thanksgiving dinners ever.

Norman Rockwell Freedom From Want Traditional American Happy Family Thanksgiving Christmas Dinner Turkey Holiday

Family and friends attended from across the country. This included California, Kansas, New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York. There were brothers and sisters. Step-brothers and sisters. Aunts and Uncles, cousins, and close family friends. That alone could total between twenty to thirty folks. of course, there were both adults and children of all ages.


First ritual:

Some of the family arrived Wednesday evening. Since the kitchen was off-limits, dinner was always at our favorite local Italian restaurant, La Serenata. This worked out perfectly because their food was great. So we stuffer ourselves. As a result, we wouldn’t need to eat again until Thanksgiving dinner. The smells throughout the house were irresistible. Because we were so full from dinner, we were able to refrain from tasting anything that night.

Second ritual:

The cooking of the turkeys was an all-night affair. This was because they were so large and because they had to be basted constantly to insure the perfect browning of the skin. I mention turkeys because there were always two turkeys. The only way to ensure there would be enough and to accommodate two types of stuffing was to have two turkeys. One turkey had sausage stuffing. The other had chestnuts.

We required two turkekys to accomodate all the guests and two types of stuffing, chestnut and sausage for taste preferences. Photo from Classy Cooking.
Third ritual:

Two tables had to be set up to accommodate everyone so One was for the adults. Another for children. In order to fit both, the former was in the dining room and the latter was in the living room.

Fourth ritual:

The adult table decor was like something out of a magazine. Every piece of fine china, glass, silver, and table linens came out for use at this yearly event. There were gold-leafed trimmed china and glassware from my grandmother’s marriage; engraved silverware from my mother’s marriage; gold woven table linen with matching napkins coordinated with my grandmother’s dishes. In addition to all of this was a set of two-tiered centerpiece plates. One had a female figure at the top. The other was male.

Antique Meissen two-tiered cake or dessert plates


The Norman Rockwell Museum
Roast Turkey Recipe from Classy Cooking
Antique German Meissen two tiered plate

This blog post continues with Part Two of ‘A Holiday Homework Assignment Is Reminiscent of Our Favorite Family Tradition’.

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The holiday shopping frenzy has taken on a new start. Each year the beginning becomes earlier in the season. In fact, this year one could not distinguish the Halloween decorations from the Thanksgiving decor. In addition to that, the spirit of Christmas had started to sneak in too. I really began to wonder,’ what is going on’?

holiday shopping frenzy
On a recent Saturday afternoon, in mid November there is not a single parking shop available in the Rockville Centre, Long Island HomeGoods parking lot.
On Your Mark, Get Set, Shop

The outcry of ‘On Your Mark, Get Set, Shop’ signaled the beginning of the earliest holiday shopping frenzy on record. Usually ‘Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving is the start. That day has also crept up in the seasonal calendar. To the dismay of many employees, stores open right after Thanksgiving dinner or before daylight on Black Friday. I attributed this shift to nothing but mere consumerism. But this year is different.

There are several reasons for this change. Consumerism may be part of it. But something else plays a major part in this holiday shopping frenzy, FEAR. What exactly is the cause? Several come to mind. We are in the midst of a pandemic. Even though everyone hoped it would have subsided by now, it is only getting worse. So how does this affect holiday shopping? People are afraid that stores will run out of items. In addition, there is a fear that stores will have to close down again. Lastly, there is mistrust that things ordered online will not arrive in time.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Stop

This holiday season is going to look very different. Most likely, social distancing and sequestering are going to intensify. For safety’s sake, gatherings will be limited to immediate family. Maybe we need to rethink what this time of year is meant to be about. Thanks for Thanksgiving. Gratitude for Hannukah, the festival of lights, Christmas blessings, Kwanza cheer.

holiday-shopping frenzy
A sampling of the 2020 holiday postage stamps from the USPS

Instead of worrying about getting the last parking spot in your favorite store or mall, this may be the year to stop and think. Let’s think about the true meaning of these holidays. They all fall around a pivotal point in the year. Even before these fairly modern holidays, Mother Nature determined their meaning. The shortest day of the year, the longest night of the year was followed by the beginning of renewal, hope, and light. May the coming year bring all of those to all of us. Amen.

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CRAZY 2020



Crazy 2020 is not what this year was supposed to be about. But between the COVD-19 pandemic and the yet to be conceded presidential election, things are not back to normal by a long shot. The pandemic has gotten worse rather than better. The financial stimulus that was ‘promised’ to Americans in need is still elusive. In addition, the most preposterous circumstance is that the current President refuses to concede. He lost both the popular and electoral votes. But he insists that he won.

Brian Stauffer’s “Under Control”

Despite all of this, we need to find balance and consistency. Towards that end, I hope to become more regular in contributing new posts to my blog. So in the hope of establishing a new normal, I offer my apologies for my long absence during Crazy 2020.

During the Vice Presidential debate a fly landed on VP Pence’s head and remained there for the duration. The fly became a symbol for the ‘V’ in vote.
The presidential race was emotional, even explosive at time. But some folks make it very clear what they felt needed to happen as illustrated by this priceless cartoon.

From ‘The Outsider’ the rapper 50 cent had his say


According to the Financial Times, Trump refuses to concede
His concession is not necessary to acknowledge the #BidenHarris2020 win. But historically it has always been a matter of diplomacy the the loser concedes. But then #45 has always played his own game rather than follow the rules. Does this latest tactic come as a surprise to anyone? I think not. Perhaps he will spend the lame duck administration on the golf course denying the true course of history.


Despite the continue temper tantrums of POTUS #45, I look forward with delight to the next administration. It promises to be an Executive Team with strong leadership and the best minds that the US has to offer our country and the world.

Biden Victory Prompts Celebrations in Hillsborough County


The New Yorker Magazine-Covers
Fly on Pence’s head
Trump still refuses to concede losing US election
50 Cent Shares Bizarre Cartoon of Lady Liberty Slingshotting Trump: ‘He Going To Jail’
The Financial Stimulus Program
Biden Victory Prompts Celebrations in Hillsborough County

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