NEVER GIVE UP WITHOUT A FIGHT, One Man’s Battle to Survive Leukemia and the Music Business, Written by Lee Heiman

Never Give Up Without A Fight, A True Story by Lee Heiman
Never Give Up Without A Fight, One Man’s Battle to Survive Leukemia and the Music Business, A True Story by Lee Heiman
A Book Review by Alison D. Gilbert

When I attempt to read a book, it is usually like climbing a mountain. I struggle through each paragraph like a mountain climber attempting to secure his footing to take the next step. Unlike a mountain climber determined to reach his goal, I usually give up after a few pages. Sometimes I will breeze through with what I call ‘the fan approach’ stopping at pages along the way. Sometimes I just take a look at the small type and quit.

‘Never Give Up Without A Fight, One Man’s Battle to Survive Leukemia and the Music Business’ is that once-in-a-great-while experience I have when I read a book. I can’t put it down.

Then I asked myself, ‘is it because I know the author, Lee Heiman since seventh grade in Long Beach, New York and was curious about his life since high school? Or is it because the book is so damn engaging?’ I confess, it may be a combination of both. But only a reader who does not know this driven, risk taker will know which it is.

A Mesmerizing Story

I think that everyone will be mesmerized by this story. Lee’s indomitable spirit exhibited through his six month hospital stay, his continuing survival from incurable cancer as well as the enviable brass with which he has also faced the music production entertainment business are all fearless and admirable qualities Lee possesses. He does not withdraw from opportunities or challenges. I was so taken by his story that I told Lee I had to write something about it to let everyone know about this mesmerizing story. The words, ‘a book review’ came out of my mouth. He gladly agreed.

The Challenges of The Music Business and Leukemia

Lee’s book seamlessly weaves a single cloth from these two major parts of his life’s journey, his experiences in the music business and his battles with incurable leukemia. It is as if one cannot exist without the other. Lee approaches both, with equanimity. He displays amazing courage and exhibits a perseverance against all odds. These are integral to his character. He faces life, good and bad, head on.

Never Give Up

Lee approaches surviving his illness with the same tenacity he approaches the music business. He gives it his all and fights as hard as he can. The odds have not always been good. Anyone in their right mind might have given up long ago just like I usually do with reading books, declaring it a losing battle. But Lee has not. This is not to say that in both areas of his life, he has had only successes and no setbacks. He still experiences ups and downs. But he never gives up.

Lee Heiman, The Author
Lee Heiman, The Author of ‘Never Give Up Without A Fight, One Man’s Battle To Survive Leukemia and the Music Business’. For more information about the author and his book, go to
Why You Must Read This Book

You must read this book. It will renew your faith in whatever you believe in beyond yourself or instill a faith you may never have had. How he survived and continues to live with an incurable disease is a miracle. It is a miracle that is fueled by a spirit that just won’t quit.

In Conclusion

It is an honor to know Lee and to have the opportunity to write this book review. Lee is a man of substance, depth and keen sensitivity. I never knew that part of him when we were in school together. But perhaps both the fire of his adulthood and his life’s battles have set these qualities in him like ore becomes steel. It is what keeps him going. It may help to keep you going through your own challenges in life. Be sure to read, ‘Never Give Up Without A Fight’ by Lee Heiman. You will be inspired by it and feel glad you read it.

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