Hello Again in 2013

hello again in2013

Hello, again. Yes, I know that the last article posted here was over a year ago. It is not because I wanted it that way. Granted, Alison*s Art, Inc. and Alison*s Heirloom Projects had to be put on the back burner. But not for lack of love, interest or passion for DESIGN | FOOD | HEALING.

It is because there have been so many projects demanding the front burners, in fact ‘all burners’. They have involved social media, learning it and using it. I love this new means of communication and sharing information. But there was something missing, nurturing the creative spirit in me, using my hands beyond the keyboard.

That is not to say that social media is not creative. I have been very creative with the projects that have taken me from Alison*s Art, Inc. to dba Marketing Bytes including:

Working on socia media graphics for or as:
The Social Media Marketing Graphic Designer
Page Cover Mastery

Blog writing for or as:
Digital Ethos.org
The New York Graphic Design Examiner

Covering non-profit and timely activities:
Hurricane Sandy
Take Heart Association Project

Creating a facebook archive for all my project pages:
Pages Provided by Alison Gilbert

Now it is time to give the other side of my brain a good dunking, a full-fledged dowsing in free-flowing, self-expressing, like a swim in cool clear spring like waterfall. Many of the creative tools I have used in the past have found new expressions. They want to be share with you for your education and enjoyment. Feel free to add your own spices or variations on the recipes provided. Consider these ‘open source’ resources. Use what I have provided, share them and build upon them.

Between Alison*s Blog and the pages of the website section, there will be many expressions and examples of my new endeavors. Enjoy them. You can also read curated posts on Alison*s Art Online Magazines in the right hand column.

And, please do let me know what you think of what you find here. Comments, suggestions, questions and your own creations are always welcome.

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Seedling Ventures

seedling ventures

Being creative, passionate about my interests and entrepreneurial have been great fertilizer and nurturance for my seedling ventures in ART | FOOD | HEALING.

This new blog and website are the home, playground and evolutionary laboratory for my creative entrepreneurial work. This is the accumulation of a body of work spanning approximately thirty years to date. It is the archive of my past work, present efforts and legacy for the future.

There has been a transformation from Alison*s Art into Alison*s Heirloom Projects. It has taken place in all of the three disciplines. The heirloom projects allow for the preservation of the original seedling ventures. They also provide a framework for growth, exploration and addition value.

The current ‘social media’ technology is ideal for preserving the original ventures as well as exploring the heirloom projects. It is a perfect laboratory for breathing new growth into the original seedling ventures. Social media also gives the heirloom projects lots of room to grow.

In this blog and website, you can look forward to lots of archeological digs. You can also look forward to exploration of new territory. Your comments, suggestions and questions are always welcome.

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