Do Grammar and Spelling Matter Any More?

“Do grammar and spelling matter any more?” I wonder about this when I read how other people write online. Whether it is an email, a blog post, a website or even an eBook, so many people make grammatical and spelling errors. Don’t even mention texting. That is a digital language all it’s own that has destroyed the English language, completely.

I seem to be achieving high marks on grammar thanks to the Grammarly program


I studied grammar and spelling in the 8th grade. Because it stuck with me, I can spell and write with some degree of intelligence.

But even if I couldn’t, there is no excuse for my writing to not be correct. This is because programs like Grammarly have come upon the scene. The result is that no matter how poorly I spelled or used grammar, I could still come out looking like a pro.

Grammarly doesn’t compensate me to say this. In spite of that, I have to mention this topic because it is important. Not only that, I think it matters that people write correctly. It is a reflection on a writer’s intelligence related to an entire piece of writing.

For example, I read an article on a topic that really interests me. But it was a real disappointment because the author did not know simple junior high school grammar. Since that annoyed me so much, I tried to write to him to let him know how bad it looked.

But my email bounced. So out of frustration, I decided to write this blog post instead. Even if the author this message was meant for doesn’t see it, at least other people will find out how to have correct grammar and spelling thanks to my friend Grammarly.

What Fast Co has to say about Grammarly
How Grammarly Helps Me to Write Like a Pro


The 8th grad was a long time ago. In addition, I am more accurate with a pen than I am with a keyboard. So I needed some help when the latter became the tool of necessity. Because of Grammarly, my grammar is top notch and I can still spell like a pro.

In this digital day and age, anyone can become a published author. That is why proper grammar and spelling are crucial. As a result, tools like Grammarly are indispensable for writing to be professional, as well.

There are still human editors for those who can afford them and those who have time to wait for their corrections. Personally, I like to publish what I write quickly and inexpensively. The basic Grammarly program is free and it is immediate. That’s good enough for me and I am not alone in my evaluation.

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