Prevention or Mutilation?

Angelina Jolie on the cover of People Magazine

Prevention or mutilation? This is the question being asked. Angelina Jolie’s dramatic decision to have a double mastectomy as cancer prevention, rather than because of the existence of the disease, has the holistic pundits up in arms.

It also begs these questions. What is prevention? What is treatment? What is unnecessary or mutilation? This information filled video gives the holistic perspective on the ramifications of such a severe decision regarding prevention or mutilation.

Here is an article from People Magazine about her story. It does not go into any medical details or explanations for her decision.

Here is another People Magazine article that sheds no further light on the topic. The only additional information is that she plans to remove her ovaries as well. Is this prevention or mutilation?

This New York Times op-ed piece sheds some light on the story. The piece is written by Angelina Jolie, herself, and explains both her decision and a bit of the process.

The Pink Lotus Breast Center is mentioned as the place where she was treated. I wonder how many of the women who decide to follow her example would have access to such luxurious facilities and care?

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