Egg Labels: Everything You Need to Know to Unscramble Your Egg Purchases

“If you’ve been wondering what all those terms printed on egg cartons mean, this (Egg Labels Infographic) should clear things up.” from the post of the same title by Will Blackmore of

A Guide to Understanding Egg Carton Labels

How much product information provided today to consumers is for educational purposes? And how much is merely the latest advertising hype filled with buzz words to grab our attention? We live in an age where the media mesmerizes us into buying a product. All too often the message is filled with misinformation.

We are forced to find out the facts for ourselves. There are often so many choices that it is dizzying. This is no accident. Millions of dollars are spent on product research. The goal of most food companies is not to produce what is best for us. It is to produce what makes the most money for them. But at least with eggs, now we can now be informed consumers. This is because of ‘The Egg Labels Infographic’.

In case you would like a translation of ‘The Egg Labels Infographic, read Jane Says: Here’s How to Unscramble Egg Carton Labels by Jane Lear also of She goes into great detail to explain what all the terms mean. As consumers, we are entitled to know what the products we purchase contain. May this egg label post set an example for other areas in the food industry to become transparent. But more about that at another time.

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