Things That Have a Cherry Pattern Theme


A cherry-pattern-theme is very popular on all kinds of items. In fact I have seen it as decoration on from clothes to kitchenware. Let me also mention that both their theme as decoration and cherries for eating are two of my favorites things.

Fashion Decoration

There are innumerable ways to use a cherry pattern theme. For example, they can be used as decoration on clothes.
Clothes Decoration For example, a cherry-pattern-theme on clothes can be playful as well as attractive.
Girl’s cherry print sweater from and Women’s cardigan sweater coat with cherry embroidery from
Fashion Accessories As this blog post progresses, it is becoming apparent that the cherry-pattern-theme is indeed popular. Just to show another category, here are cherries on a Coach leather bag and Vans sneakers.
Fashion accessory companies such as Coach and Vans have embraced cherries.

A cherry boho necklace and earrings from

A kate Spade hinged cherry bracelet and stud cherry earrings

Room Interiors Decor

Living Room Decor Here’s an example of a cherry-pattern-theme in any room in one’s home such as the living room.
Red Cherry Removable Self Adhesive Wallpaper Extra Large Peel & Stick Wallpaper-etsy

Kitchen Decor Although there are many other uses for this theme, the kitchen is where the cherry-pattern-theme really explodes. Examples were so easily found that it was not possible to include them in one blog post. So I chose a few examples that I love the most.
Cherry pattern theme from

Kitchen Kitch

Cherry Pattern Cookery
Cherry enamel cookery from

Cherry Pattern Dishes
Cherry plates, old and new design on

. . . and More
There are so many items with a cherry decor from etsy and more.

Vintage Cherry Spice jar set
Vintage cherry spice jar ser found on

Cherry Pattern Teapots
Teapots by Mary Engelbreit displayed on

WOW! Even I didn’t realize how many items display cherry patterns. Actually I’ve left my favorite for last. It is the Mary Engelbreit teapot I found on Pinterest.


1.Cherry pattern items on Etsy
2.cherry pattern sweater on walmart
3.Cherry pattern items in the kitchen on Target
4.Mary Engelbreit cherry pattern teapots
5.Vintage Cherry Pattern items on
6.Mary Engelbreit Teapots and Things


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Arcadia Handbags Top My Current List of Favorites

Arcadia border

Magnificent passionate purple on Pinterest

My Pocketbook Collection Passion seems to come and go. But the fact is that it never completely disappears. The reason is that it resurfaces whenever I find and then fall in love with another irresistible brand.

First was Dooney & Bourke. Then was Coach, next was Kate Spade, and now is Arcadia. In fact Arcadia ia a very newly discovered brand for me. My latest pocketbook collection passion is Arcadia Handbags. But will it stay or share the ‘come and go’ fate of Coach and Kate Spade? Well, at least it is tops for now.

Passionate Purple From the first images, one can see two NWT bags. These ‘new with tag’ bags come in great colors and designs. Luscious colors are usually available on newer bags, specifically the NWT.
A rare Arcadia Design and color on Poshmark
Mouthwatering Mustard Another of my current favorites is quite a unique Arcadia. In fact it has almost as much smooth leather as it has embossed patent leather. The asking price is almost $300. But the new with tags ‘NWT’ bags are way outside of my price range.

Latest Discovery
Just when I think I have found my favorite Arcadia handbag, another even more beautiful comes along.
Arcadia handbag
What could be more beautiful and stylish than a pink and black Arcadia handbag?

Again,the bag I love is not affordable. So what do I do? I have found a solution. There are several online stores that carry Arcadia as well as other bags. In fact, they carry a wide range of ‘pre-owned’ price reduced bags.

Pre-owned Bargains

These online ‘buy and sell’ shops include Poshmark, eBay, Etsy, Mercari, and occasionally Priclist. In fact these sites can offer some terrific pre-owned bargains that I have benefitted from. But I also have made a number of purchases that had to be returned due to unacceptable conditions. Actually getting approval to make a return can be a nuisance. So it’s best to check out thoroughly what you want to buy before you take out your credit card.

Secondhand Shop with Caution
This is because conditions for returning purchases are very strict. So it is essential to examine the online photos and description before purchasing any pre-owned items. A new handbag can be an expensive purchase. Therefore a greatly reduced pre-owned price can signal minor or significant wear and tear.
Arcadia pink mini bag with dust cover
Here’s A Bargain Here’s a great looking pre-owned bag. I love it. Take note of the scuff in the bottom left corner. In addition, read the description that confirms it.

“Arcadia mini shoulder bag. Pink Patent Leather with Tan leather trim. Dust cover. Minor scuff as shown. Otherwise good condition. Made in Italy”.

If that is all okay with you, remember to add tax and shipping. Then your total for this bag that will never look new is over $40. To me that is a bargain. Besides I do love pink. So I might go for it. How about you?

Pre-owned but Not a Bargain
Meanwhile here’s another pre-owned bag. It looks great from the front. The price is great too. So why is it so cheap? Now look in the photo of the corners confirmed by the description. It looks terrible. The photo is transparent but the description is not. No bargain here.

“This bag is gorgeous and has gold detail with leather trim. The corners have some wear but everything else is like new.” I don’t think so!

Beware the wear and tear on this ‘gorgeous’ ‘like new’ bag.


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Arcadia border

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