Is An MFA the New MBA? Find Out on Alison*s Blog Today

The food truck idea shows that an MFA may be the new MBA

Is an MFA the new MBA? Is it the advanced degree that will guarantee gainful employment? An article in Fast Company is posing this question. Many companies are finding this to be true.

Artists seem to possess the kinds of qualities that the job market demands. As things continue to change, these skills will be even more in demand.

According to the Fast Company article, “critical thinking, creativity, and the ability to work with others are skills they both learned in school and use on a regular basis in their current work. Arts graduates are plucky and understand how to use their creative skills in a variety of settings.” They are not referring to artistic settings.

An article in Inc. Magazine, Why My Art Degree Paid Off, agrees that art graduates have special talents. The same kinds of talents that make them good business people. In addition, artists “start their own businesses to rave reviews.”

Is an MFA the new MBA? A good case is made in both articles. This has been my own experience, too. The recent devastation from Hurricane Sandy has necessitated creativity and flexibility. The skills that artist gain from art school and that are instinctual as well.

In A whole New Mind, author Daniel Pink refers to the fact that creativity would become the most desired asset. He feels that the people who have balanced the right brain with their left brain will rule the world. Time will tell which MA becomes more coveted, the MBA or the MFA. What are your thoughts on this subject?

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