Mother Nature Triumphs Over Man Made Deadly GMOs

Mother Nature Triumphs

About I month ago, I saw a video about the history of GMOs, based on the book Seeds of Deception. It made me so depressed I had to find a new focus for the Global Food rEvolution. I started to turn the corner when today I read about a new approach to crop production. It very much reaffirms my commitment to a future where Mother Nature triumphs over man made deadly GMOs.

The venture, named BioAg Alliance will “use microbes and fungi to enhance crop growth and yield, help with pest resistance, and reduce inputs like water. Monsanto paid Novozymes $300 million to partner in this ‘game changing’ venture. Monsanto will do marketing and field testing. Novozymes will do the manufacturing.” K. McDonald, Monsanto Going Green: Using Bacteria and Fungi to Increase Crop Yields and Lower Inputs

I am not naive enough to expect perfection. But like many people, I feel a sense of hope that at least we are not doomed to a death by consuming food consisting of nothing but genetically modified organisms. I do not know what dollars deal made Monsanto willing to change colors. But I do understand the sense of it.

the food rEvolution
The Food rEvolution, a food journey from Personal to Political

Although Monsanto has received almost unanimous government support or lack of opposition due to lobbying and other enticements, there is tremendous opposition amongst the people. There have been huge public protests flooding the Internet. None were mentioned on the major TV networks due to collusion between corporate giants. But globally, there is a refusal to accept American exports due to GMO contamination. Apparently other countries have already realized what the US government and agricultural giants are just waking up to. GMOs are deadly.

The groundswell can no longer be held at bay. To see a change of heart, or at least wallet, to a greener approach restores hope and faith that Mother Nature triumphs to the good of all.

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