Natural Painkillers in Your Kitchen

natural painkillers

These are kitchen ingredients that we consume normally as food, condiments and teas. But did you know, that when used properly, they can also be natural painkillers?

Ultimately, one may need to seek medical attention for the cause of the pain. But for pain relief, they can be very helpful. Let’s take a look at some of them in detail.


pain relief
Some common kitchen ingredients that are natural painkillers, too

OATS can be used to end endometrial pain.
PEPPERMINT can be used to relax sore muscles.
GRAPES are good for giving the back some TLC.
HORSERADISH can help heal sinus problems.
GINGER is good for muscle and joint pain.
CLOVES relieve toothache pain (until you get that emergency dental appointment).
GARLIC can erase earaches.
TUMERIC is good for chronic pain.


pain relief
Some common kitchen ingredients that are natural painkillers, too

kitchen painkillers
good for an earache
In looking over the above (fairly) common kitchen ingredients, I have to admit that I am not sure how these foods are supposed to be applied to work their magic. Do you stick the garlic in your ear to ease the ache? I doubt it. Do you eat these ingredients, make teas or poultices out of them, or eat them raw or cooked?

Clearly more research needs to be done to see how these ingredients are applied and how they work as natural painkillers. I do know from experience that sucking on some cloves does relieve a toothache temporarily. I have used ginger tea for an upset stomach but do not know about joint pain.

natural painkillers
good for the back
I am glad to hear that grapes are good for the back. I love grapes. But I hope the application does not involve putting the grapes on my back and then crushing them the way wine is made.

natural painkillers
alleviates chronic pain
Tumeric has gained attention lately as a condiment that has all kinds of healing properties. It is supposed to be good for stiff joints. But the amount that needs to be consumed for it to have any effect is far greater than one can eat. Therefore it supposedly need to be taken in supplement form or by putting the powder in a capsule and swallowing it. I would still rather eat Indian food since it is a frequent ingredient in the dishes I find delicious.

All this information must be taken with a grain of salt. No, I do not know what adding salt would do. It is a manner of speaking. It means to not take this too literally or seriously without knowing what you are doing. I still can’t figure the garlic/earache relationship. But there is a wives tale about hanging a clove of garlic around a child’s neck to prevent them from getting sick in school. I am just not sure if the garlic actually keeps germs away. Or if the smell keeps all the other children away thus keeping the germs away.

natural painkillers
relaxes muscles
Speaking of smells, the last item on our list is peppermint. It smells great and makes a tummy soothing tea that can’t be beat. In fact, its fragrance is used in many food and dental items.

In all seriousness, there are some wonderfully helpful food items that can act as natural painkillers and even help heal us. (They can even look nice as decoration like the mint shown here. I also love the color of tumeric. It reminds me of autumn). But to stay on subject, let me end by saying that just like any prescription, one needs to read the directions, using as prescribed. So, good luck, feel better and send me your comments in the morning.

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