Five Essential Superfoods to Eat Everyday

Five Daily Superfoods

OK, I admit it. It has been disgracefully long since I have ‘created’ and not just ‘curated’. I can’t tell you how many times and how many topics I have come up with. They are in the front of my mind, on the tip of my tongue, or my fingers. But then, nothing happens. So, enough is enough. Nothing heavy duty or earth shattering. But a simple, straight forward post summarizing one I saw from Takepart. It is so on target that its content bears repeating and in my own words.

The topic is Five Essential Superfoods to Eat Everyday. I will confess right up front, or at least in the second paragraph that I don’t have them daily. But I am very familiar with all of them. None is strange, nothing like the information about the ten weirdest foods I had ever read about. I had only even heard of one in terms of its being a food. I admit. It was gross and really required an cast iron stomach to even look at the pictures and consider them as food.

No this is an easy, pleasant, palatable and extremely healthy group. I actually enjoy them and you can easily find them, too. So without further delay, I would like to introduce them.

Surprised? Well it won’t be the last time. Nuts are really good for you. So many people love them but don’t eat them because they think they are fattening. There are essential oils in nuts. Yes, I said that anti-diet word, oils. We need oil. People who diet by removing oil from what they consume are depriving their bodies of really important nutrients.
eat nuts

OK, this may be one you never heard of before. So get used to it. It is pronounced keen-wah. It is native to South America and has been voted the Food of the Year by a branch of the United Nations. It is super packed with nutrients. On its own it can be bland. But mixed with some veges, oil and spices make it quite tasty.

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This is one of my favorite foods of all times. I love olives in almost every form and a good, extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil is majestic and magical. It can bring a plate of steamed vegetables to life in ways that seem unimaginable. The quality and even country of origin can make a huge difference in the taste. Try different origins to see what you like best. But always get extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil. In addition, never refrigerate your oil. Keep it in a cool, dark place as labels often read. It often comes in a brown or green bottle to protect it from too much light.
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Here’s the perfect food to try your olive oil out on. I like to steam greens or use them in juice. I prefer not to cook them in oil but add it after they are cooked. If you prefer it raw, you can soak the kale in a marinade that includes the oil, of course. It tastes amazing.

I like to think of these as Asian raisins. They are not as sweet but are super-nutritious. They go great in rice pudding with or without the raisings. In fact, they can replace any dish you might put raisins in. I prefer juicier berries. They are often dry and crunchy.
goji berries

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