Ford Motor Company Creativity

Ford Motor Company creativity was influenced by all that J May experienced.

Ford Motor Company Creativity continues to flow thanks to one man. His name is J Mays. He is their VP of Global Design & Chief Creative Officer. In an interview with Inhabitat, J talked “about his career, electric cars, and the future of automotive.”

Ford Motor Company creativity was alive and well while J Mays designed for Audi
The 2004 Audi TT Roadster. Photo credit © Robert C. Bowden

He also spoke about the creative inspiration architecture has been in his life. Most of his favorite architects have died. They included Mies Van Der Rohe and Pierre Koenig. But he did get to meet one of his favorites before he died. That was Phillip Johnson. J had designed the Audi TT. Mr. Johnson had an Audi TT. Johnson wanted to meet J.

So J went to Mies Van Der Rohe’s Seagram Building where Johnson had his office. Mays not only got to meet Johnson but also got to be in one of the most famous office buildings in the world.

Ford Motor Company creativity has quite a legacy in J Mays. He designed for Audi. He became Chief Creative Director at Ford. His love of architecture led to a meeting with a great architect in a world famous building. These are all superlatives in the design field.

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A controversial tea kettle

Will Michael Graves design a controversial tea kettle for JCPenney?

A controversial tea kettle is the feature of today’s blog post. According to an article posted on this household item is causing a “social media uproar”.

the image of a controversial teakettle
Does this tea kettle remind you of Hitler? Photo from The Telegraph

JCPenney insists it is a snowman. They have already been having financial difficulties. This tea kettle controversy may be bringing them lots of attention. But it is probably not the kind they want or need. If they had only come out with a kitchen accessories line like Target did. It was designed by world famous architect, Michael Graves. He also designed another line of household accessories for Target.

the famous Michael Graves 'Whistling Bird' tea kettle manufactured by Alessi and sold at Target
The famous Whistling Bird tea kettle designed by Michael Graves that sold at Target. Photo from Michael Graves Photo Collection

But in March of 2012, Target announced that their thirteen year partnership with the Michael Graves Design Group was coming to an end.

Guess who their new partnership is with? It is JCPenney (see video below). So why is all the buzz about a controversial tea kettle rather than this potential publicity gem? Perhaps, it is because more people know who Hitler was than who Michael Graves is.

Here’s an insightful article from It describes Michael Graves decision to leave Target and to join JCPenny. It also mentions his relationship with Ron Johnson, JCPenney CEO.

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