An Introduction To Unusual Living Possibilities
This post follows, Affordable Housing. Some of the ideas for alternative living resources are fascinating. They are definite considerations if they fit one’s lifestyle or goals. As I had mentioned in the first part of this series, some information would be geared to seniors. Most of these ideas are for younger people or for the young at heart.
alternative housing resources
House Sitting Australia from TrustedHouseSitters.com

Live Rent Free
Here are some alternative housing resources that are unique lifestyle options. Tips from the Yes, You Can Live Rent Free.
• Farm Livin’
• Fun With Fido
• Share A Home
• Work As A Nanny Or Au Pair
• Volunteer for Uncle Sam
• Move Back In With Mom and Dad
alternative housing resources
Yes, You Can Live Rent Free from Kiplinger’s Magazine by Lisa Elaine Babb

Invest In A Tiny Home
Tiny homes have become quite a craze. They are much smaller than a regular home. They cost much less. Therefore, they usually do not require financing. The can be mobile. They are available premade or custom built. Due to the nature of a tiny home, it is possible to become a homeowner at a very reasonable cost, for tens of thousands instead of hundreds of thousands of dollars. This allow their owner to have more mobility with their funds and their home. There are a huge number of links about tiny homes on Google. My favorite company is Tiny Heirlooms. HGTV and the DIY Channel both have shows about Tiny Homes.
alternative living resources
A Tiny Home Design from The Tiny Heirloom Company

I am a huge fan of tiny homes. The possibilities are endless. Vintage vans conversions fascinate me. Although at this point in my life I am not seeking to make a tiny house my primary home. As a ‘woman cave’ retreat in the woods, one would be ideal. The Franklin Vintage Caravan is a great example of one. Enjoy this video of the renovation project. View photos by Images © Jesz Carroll/YouTube at The Franklin Vintage Caravan Tiny House

Relocate to A Cheaper Area, State or Another Country
Either for a change of scenery or because someone lives on a fixed income, relocating can be a good alternative. There are online resources for all of these options. Chambers of Commerce are a good source of information. Websites for potential expats are as well.
alternative housing resources
From Expat Exchange: 10 Tips for Living in Colombia




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Poor Middle Class Housing Alternatives
This is a continuation of the last post, The Poor Middle Class Housing Crisis. In this post, poor middle-class housing alternatives are presented. This can involve some ‘out of the box thinking’ solutions. These tools can include:
1. Downsize possessions
2. Buy or rent a smaller home
3. Rent subsidized or senior housing
4. Find Ways To Live Rent Free
5. Invest In A Tiny House
6. Relocate to a cheaper area, state or country
7. Live off the grid
8. Embrace an RV Lifestyle

housing alternatives
Self Storage in America from Slate article by Tom Vanderbilt

Have you ever noticed how many storage facilities there are? This has become a booming industry. We have too much stuff and we don’t know how to part with it. So we rent space to horde it. My rule of thumb is this. If you feel the need to rent a storage space for your overflow of belongings, don’t. Downsize instead.
1. Donate possessions to the Salvation Army or other charity
2. Give things to your children or someone you know who wants and needs them
3. Have a garage sale
4. Sell things online
5. Buy or rent to a smaller, less expensive residence

Buy Or Rent A Smaller Home
It is much easier to go bigger than smaller. But for the poor middle class, the latter may be a necessity. It may be difficult emotionally to let go of a treasured home. But would you rather be in debt in a home you adore or be solvent in a house you can afford? For those in crisis as part of the poor middle class in the US, when it comes to housing selling and downsizing may be the only way to go. Even for those not in crisis, more modest living can open more doors than it closes, financially.

housing alternatives
Large House for Sale from USA Today

Subsidized Housing
I have found this to be the most challenging, time-consuming and confusing of all the tools for the poor middle-class financial survival toolkit. Because of this, I feel that an entire blog post needs to be dedicated to this issue. In addition, the other tools will also be on an additional post. ‘Out of the box,’ alternative housing is for the poor middle class of all ages, not only seniors.
1. Live Rent Free
2. Invest in a Tiny House
3. Relocate to another area, cheaper state or another country
4. Live Off The Grid

This housing discussion continues with the post, Affordable Housing.




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