The BILT MasterCard from Wells Fargo


BILT Mastercard
The BILT Mastercard from Wells Fargo to help pay rent

The BILT MasterCard from Wells Fargo is one of the latest point earner credit cards. In fact it is a unique new comer to the credit card scene. It is designed to earn points towards paying rent.

I actually found out about it from the Wallet Hacks blog and my favorite financial guru, James Wang. For this and the below reasons I decided to give it a try. Lately paying my bills has become a serious challenge:
• our rent has gone up substantially
• our SNAP benefits have gone down sharply

I have a history of benefiting from credit card promotions. So I figured this might help also. To my frustration and disappointment, this card was not easy to use. It didn’t help that the BILT phone system was not working. So all my questions had to wait until their system was up and running again.

Once the phone system was working, I called only to learn that it took 1000 point to earn $5.50. Actually I was shocked. In fact, I considered dumping the card. But then I decided to give it some time to see if there were benefits that were not readily apparent.

BILT Mastercard
A credit card that lets you earn point on rent.
CURRENT STATUS So far we have earned 2000 points since we opened the card at the end of July. Since we are managing to squeeze by in paying all our upcoming bills for September, I am holding on to the $11. in earned points for now.

In fact, I want to keep accumulating points for now as long as we can get by without using them. I’m waiting for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow when a substantial part of the rent is covered by my new BILT Mastercard. But for now it will be like keeping my savings under my mattress.

your account
our account showing the accumulation of 2000 points


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