Chapter Seven: Popular American Movies Made in Rome


Roman Holiday staring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck made in Rome in 1953 from

Here are several popular American movies made in Rome from around the time of our Italian residence.

Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn, Gregory Peck, and Eddie Albert is the first of one of these popular American movies made in Rome. Because its screen play writer Dalton Trumbo is on the Hollywood blacklist at that time, a pseudonym exists for the writer.

Whenever I see one of these films, I feel like I go back to my days living in Rome. In fact, it is great fun to call out the names of the famous buildings, monuments, and sights as they show up.

In fact, the very humorous and popular hand disappearing scene from the famous Turkish Netflix Series is an exact duplicate of that scene in Roman Holiday. Black Money Love.

Three Coins in a Fountain

Another very popular film slightly later than the 1960’s has the same famous Roman sights and scenes. This film is equally as famous as Roman Holiday. With a star studded cast and glorious pictures of Rome, it immortalizes the Trevi fountain where coins are thrown to make wishes come true.
three coins in a fountain

Gidget Goes to Rome

This film has all the famous sights of these other films in this chapter. But it targets a younger more innocent teen audience.

popular-American-films-made-in-Rome Gidget Goes to Rome, a 1963 release.




























Rome Adventure This film has a steamy sexual theme for that time. The stars include three very popular stars from that time. They are Troy Donahue, Suzzanne Pleshette, and Angie Dickenson.
Rome Adventure from 1962 with several hot stars and topics.















The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone. Actually this is a British film. It also has a dark side that none of the other films do. But anything with scenes of Rome is always a welcome treat.
Mrs. Stone
The British film, The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone released in 1961.


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