Typography 101

Typography 101 is designed to briefly answer the question, ‘What are type fonts and typography?’ For too many people who write using a computer, type is just something to use to fill a space with words. Type has meaning. It has beauty. It has history. Typography 101 will provide some insights into the three of these.

Typography 101 includes the drawing of a typeface by hand
Perpetua Italic being drawn by hand at the Type Drawing office in the 1950s from twitter.com #FontSunday

Typefaces, or font names have all kinds of origins. Some have been named after people, places, times, events and things. Typography 101 can only touch on this topic that is hundreds of years old. Here is a link to Typography 101. It provides some history to the mystery of typography.

Before the computer, before typesetting and before typewriters, type was made by hand. Even the type used for typewriters was initially created by hand. Here is a terrific post, with animated video, that gives some good insights into the history of type.

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