My Introduction to Instagram

a clay model of the Instagram logo

Instagram was on the top of my list of new platforms to learn. So with my usual resolve, I made a start and got the general idea of how to use it. I loved taking pictures and having them immediately telegrammed around the globe. I liked being able to look at them on my iPhone and desktop. I was awed at having them show up magically on RebelMouse. But I did not enjoy some of the images I was receiving.

It seems that I was not the only one. I recently found an article, 10 Things You Need To Stop Putting On Instagram. So I guess I am not alone in my feelings about Instagram.

There is nothing earth shattering on the list. So if you are curious, you can scan the original article. In fact, the list includes some kind of dumb things that are far less interesting than what I found boring.

This brings up some questions, What is the point of Instagram? What can it do that other visual platforms can not do? What makes it so special that facebook would spend a fortune to buy it?

What came to my mind first is the novelty of it. It is man’s 21st century visual answer to the telegram. Here I am right now doing or viewing such and such. It can be very powerful. As mentioned earlier, it can be tedious.

I like the powerful part. It makes a statement. It can be amazing, beautiful or horrific. And it is immediately transmitted. I get it. I like it. I love to use it. I want everyone else to create Instagram images that wow me. Otherwise, forget it.

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