Blue Zones Discovery


The Blue Zones Discovery may not be what people are being led to believe. This study was originally one of observation not one of cause and effect. Therefore it has caused some confusion.

Communities of people who compose Blue Zones did not set out to exceed average lifespans. Instead, the study showed that Blue Zones of people lives coincidently exceeded the average not always healthy lifespan. Let me continue to clarify this situation.

The Blue Zones Solution, Living and Eating Like the World’s Healthiest . . . .
The Study
A group of three men, primarily Dan Buettner conducted a study on the lifespans of people throughout the world. Where ever there were clusters of people who exceeded the average lifespan, especially centenarians, were circled in blue marker. For lack of a more original name, the name ‘Blue Zones’ was adopted. Therefore the discovery of blue zones was an exercise in observation. In conclusion, their existence became the foundation of the Blue Zones Discovery study.

1. Greece
Blue Zone, Ikaria, Greece from
What are ‘Blue Zones,’ and do they really hold the secrets to …
“For more than a decade, author Dan Buettner has been working to identify hot spots of longevity around the world. With the help of the National Geographic Society, Buettner set out to locate places that not only had high concentrations of individuals over 100 years old, but also clusters of people who had grown old without health problems like heart disease, obesity, cancer, or diabetes. His findings—along with easy steps you can take to live more like these cultures—can be found in his book, The Blue Zones Solution.”
blue-zone discovery
Blue Zone, Okinawa, Japan from

Location of world Blue Zones

Icaria: A small Greek island in the Aegean sea
Ogliastra, Sardinia: A region of an Italian island in the Mediterranean
Okinawa: An island off the coast of Japan
Nicoya Peninsula: A peninsula in eastern Costa Rica
The Seventh-day Adventists in Loma Linda: A community in the hilly valleys of California
3. Sardinia
Blue Zone, Sardinia from
The Blue Zones: The World’s Healthiest Populations from

Natural movement. Individuals living in Blue Zone regions engage in everyday physical activities, such as gardening, walking, and climbing hills and mountains.
Sense of purpose. One’s purpose in life, referred to as Ikigai in Okinawa and plan de vida in Nicoya (which translates to “why I wake up in the morning”), contributes to human longevity and overall health and well-being.”

4. California
Blue Zone, Loma Linda, California from
Stress management. Although stress is nearly impossible to avoid, chronic (long-term) stress can wreak havoc on the body. When left unaddressed, chronic stress may contribute to inflammation and certain health conditions, such as heart disease and depression.

5. Costa Rica
Blue Zone, Costa Rica from

80% rule. People in the Blue Zones tend to avoid overeating by eating until their stomachs are about 80% full. Many individuals also eat smaller meals throughout the day and abstain from eating late in the evening.”


Although we may be far from having a planet full of blue zones, studying the ones that already exist can be very helpful. Even though we cannot change certain characteristics of people’s lives and environments, there is much that can be done for the future.

Therefore in studying what man in harmony with his nature can create, there is hope that the overall well being of humans on the planet can improve resulting in many more blue zones of healthier, happy people.


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